Are Your Girlfriends Overly Caddy

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L - April 22

I am realizing through this pregnancy that all of my girlfriends love to talk and start shit, they gossip and somehow I always become the scapegoat since I'm never around! I'm so happily married and really only hang out with them every so often since I don't like to get caught up in the talk, plus my husband is my best friend! Now when I do call or try to be a friend they tell me that I think I can just drift in and out when ever I feel like it!! What the h__l, I'm pregnant and married! Being in with my friends isn't my first priority! Some of them are married so I don't understand!! I'm told by other friends that they're jealous of my happiness and love to find a reason to drag me down! Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive, but it's been on my mind a lot!! I'm really just a loner and love to be around my family most of all!!! Why can't they just accept it, also that I'm F%^&* pregnant!


Maleficent - April 22

marriage and pregnancy can really flub up friendships. your TRUE friends will stand by you, the rest of them you're probly better off without. you have a baby to think about now, do you really have time for their childish back stabbing? common! this isn't high school! i've had to re-evaluate alot of my friendships, the ones that have held up are wonderful and i don't miss the rest at all. just wait till you hear them b___hing about how motherhood has "changed you", yeah it changes you, it should! it's the most important job you'll ever have.


Milissa - April 22

L> Girl I have been there I had lots of friends before we had my 2 1/2 year old, now Its just me and my husband but thats fine, at least I can trust him! and he don't talk c___p behind my back and then be nice whenyou see me...I don't have time for FAKE a__s people! Either love me for me or get a walken...... good luck too you and the new one"


Hi L - April 22

i hate to say it (as i am a woman) but i think the majority of women suck. Men are much easier to communicate with, they are more upfront, they tell it how it is and they dont feel the need to kiss a__s and back stab constantly to boost their own ego. I can't stand all that girlie "i like your hair, no i like your hair" and "look at the state of her hair" lol...its rubbish.


D - April 22

I had some friends like that when I first got married. It hurt my feelings for awhile, and it was hard to just let them go, but I realized that I had invested more in our friendship than they had, and their shallowness started to disgust me. It isn't that I don't like them at all or care about them, but our contact has dwindled down to a few times a year, and I think we're all happier for it. Your family IS most important... it always made me uncomfortable when they got onto their "I hate men" theme, while there are some men (and women!) who aren't too great, I happen to love my husband - he's my best friend, and I don't enjoy complaining about him. I found new friends, and most of them older than me, but I learned to be more selective with what kind of person they are! Now I have fewer, but more supportive and deeper friendships. Good luck! :)


tiffani~ edd 11/07/05 - April 22

I can definitely relate. 5 years ago when I got engaged, most of my friendships changed. My girlfriends who were still out there seeking "Mr. Right" couldn't handle the fact that I had finally found mine. In my opinion, it all boils down to jealousy. After we got married and pregnant, I had 2 friends (out of about 7 of us that were inseperable for years) that showed they were a shining example of what true friendship is. Some people just can't handle other peoples happiness. Still to this day, when some of my old girlfriends call or email (which isn't often, maybe every 3 months or so) they don't even ask how the kids are or how this pregnancy is going. They are self centered and shallow, and that's not the type of people I like to surround myself with. Friends should enhance your life, not sadden it. Move on and accept the fact that these women are just toxic. It will be sad at first, but you'll be so much better off. :o)



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