Are Your Pregnant And Need Answers

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KristinaNo - December 8

I have been pregnant before, I know alot about TTC and Pregnancy, Ovarian Cysts, STDS(i have never had any but i read a lot), etc if you have a question just ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tata - December 8

ok, i had unprotected s_x in october, abut i came on in november 30th which is weird because i usually come on on the from the 30th to the 2nd, i was spotting it wasnt really red though, it was pink then turned to light brown.I took a pregnancy test early nov, but it was neg. Then i noticed the other day a light black line from my belly b___ton on down( i shaved to see if it was hair but it wasnt) i've been having pregnancy symptoms like eating, sleeping, pains around my belly b___ton and stomach, headaches, and side aches. Whats going on with me? Do you think i could be pregnant????


KristinaNo - December 8

Tata- Yes You could be pregnant from some of the symptoms you have, also you may have taken a pregnancy test too early so I would take another one in a week and if it comes back negative then maybe your not pregnant and you could easily tell your self am i pregnant and then your body will think that your prengant but really your not. As for the blood, it could be implantation bleeding so therefore you're pregnant, like i said wait a week and take a test! Good Luck to you!!!!


chely - December 8

I have a bump (it soft and maybe like 4" long) a little ways from my belly b___ton on the right side. I have been have signs of pregnancy, like bloating, peeing more, tired. thought i was probably pregnant, but have not missed my period it is not due til Dec 17. Now i'm scared of something serious like cancer or ectopic pregnancy. any ideas


LORI - December 8



Melissa - December 8

OK. My question is this. I'm very confused because my period was 4 days late. I was due on 11/26 & got it on 11/30 except that the first day it was like normal, had some clotting then for the next 3 days it was like the last day of my period, just there when I wiped. I could have used a pantyliner. I had s_x with my husband throughout the month of November during ovulation & not. I took an HPT today and a urine test at the doctor & it was negative. Can it be too early? I have symptoms. I'm very emotional, ga__sy, cramps in my lower stomach & lower back. I don't know what to think? Wishful thinking I guess?


M - December 8

Ok, well, I've already and may of possibly become pregnant its only been bout 2 or 3 days since I ovulated.I'm still have v____al discharge which is similar to when your ovulating its now day 22 of my cycle.Could I still have v____al discharge after ovulated? It is not a yeast infection!


A.V. - December 8

Hi, First off I will let you know my symptoms, bloated,frequent trips to the rest room, dizzy,headache, nausea and heavy tingly b___st. My cycle is 26 days long and according to ovulation calenders I would be 11 dpo already what are my chances based on cycle and symptoms?


KristinaNo - December 8

To chely- It sounds like you may be pregnant but before we rule out pregnancy, is the bump where your ovary would be, i dont think its an ectopic pregnancy, but you can still ahve pregnancy symptoms and yet have an ovarian cyst, but I think you could be pregnant, wait until you miss your period! Then take a test! Also have you had Implantation bleeding or spotting recently? Bc the only thing that worries me is the bump and you havent had implantation bleeding yet, so wait it out and see if you miss your period or not! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck


KristinaNo - December 8

To Lori- If your ultrasound was good for the 8 weeks, the odds for your 12 week check up is good! Congrats!


KristinaNo - December 8

Melissa- You stated that you were 4 days late for your period and you were due to have it on the 26th but got it on the 30th, the same thing happend to me and I found out i was not pregnant bc i started my period, but stress can also cause periods to be late. The chances are very slim and some of the symptoms you listed are common with PMS especially if you have been emotional which can slim your chances of concieving. I would try to have s_x 2-3 days prior to ovulation with a pillow under you bottom for 20 minutes or instead of a pillow method, like lying on a flat surface (elevated) for example a couch (sit on the couch and lye back with your legs over the edge not touching the ground(thats how i concieved my son after 6months of trying) Keep trying and Good Luck to ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


KristinaNo - December 8

To M- When you ovulate you have heavy v____al discharge, after ovulation has stopped you can still have v____al discharge that could be clear and thin. Could you describe your v____al discharge? You can become pregnant anytime you ovulate! yeah i had clear thin v____al discharge after ovulating for about a week. Keep me posted and Good Luck!


KristinaNo - December 8

To A.V- Your chances are very good based on your symptoms but remeber when you miss your period that indicates a pregnancy or something else. If you are late for your period, take a test and keep me posted. I think your pregnant but dont get your hopes up. Good Luck and thanks!!!!!


A.V. - December 8

Thanks Kristina, well I expect my af in about 3 days no feelings like af is coming really I only have light cramping very light, well I bought one of the first response test that says to be effective 5 days before your missed period so I'm hoping I might get a faint line at least. I'll keep you posted.


lisa - December 9

i was 2 weeks late for my period. I had some signs like aching back, mood swings, sore b___bs, frequent urination, cravings, bloated belly and some mild crampng. I had mant preg tests-all ngative. Then i started bleeding lightly for three days. I had an internal done and the dr. said i wasnt. I dont have any symptoms any more except for frequent urination, sore b___bs and cramping. what do you think is going on? anything would help!!!!!


AudreyB - December 9

Kristina have you ever heard of anyone who bled every month at their period time when they were pregnant? I know a few people have done this but I wondered, do those people still get a positive pregnancy test?


KristinaNo - December 9

Lisa- Your period was light and sore b___bs and 2 weeks late for your period is a clear sign of pregnancy/ It could of been to early to tell and the doctor maybe could be right, but i think you could be pregnant? I would test in another week and Good Luck! Keep me posted!



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