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Stephanie - June 22

I've been having an odd sort of gnawing feeling in my lower abdomen, random nausea, tiredness, severe mood swings, headaches and back aches. Also, I was expecting AF last Wed, but didn't start.. Friday I started spotting, though it was only apparent on tp or with a finger check. I took an E.P.T. test and got a faint pos result on Sunday, but went to Planned Parenthood Monday and got a neg result on a urine test. When the test at PP came back I was in shock, I was so sure I was pregnant! I went to my reg Dr. and they took a blood test, but I won't know anything until Wed. I am just so confused about everything, and worried now because if I am not pregnant something must be wrong. And the waiting is killing me! Anyone have suggestions?


BB - June 22

Hi there... To me it sounds as though you could be pregnant...Today is Wednesday - I'm keen to know your results??? Do you want to be preggie?


Stephanie - June 22

Yes, I want to be pregnant.. but it's only 3:05 am and I have to wait until 3:15 pm to know x.x


Stephanie - June 22

Also, I started having sharp pains in my left side.. is this pregnancy or something else?


Jamie - June 22

Could be both - could be pregnant, and stressed...I'd suggest...calm down, try to sleep during the next 12 hours - fastest way to make the time pa__s!


A - June 22

You say you got a faint positive and also have sharp pains in left side. You should really tell your doctor about that as soon as possible. You could very well be pregnant, but it could be an ectopic pregnancy. Many times with this it will give a negative result on urine tests. If you are having sharp pains and it is becoming more distressful, especially if it is on one side and low around your ovary, you might would need to go to the ER, just to be sure it does not rupture your fallopian tube if you do have an ectopic. That would lessen your chances of getting pregnant in the future and can also be dangerous for your health if it does rupture.


BB - June 22

Sheesh Stephanie - wot are you doing awake at this time...over here it is 11h08 am ! (RSA) Take Jamie's advice and try to get some sleep (drink hot milk).... What A says could very well be true - I really hope it's not tho!!! Good luck and keep me updated! x


similar problem - June 22

I went through something very similar recently. I was 3 months late and thought for sure I was preg. took a blood test and a urine test at the doctor's and both came back negative. You should make an appointment and have your blood tested for a Thyroid problem. Look up the symptoms for Hypothyroidism and see if you have similar symptoms. Thyroid problems can cause your menses to be all messed up.


To Stephanie - June 22

I too had pains on my side, but it was not an ectopic pregnancy. Everything turned out fine down there, I attributed the pain to my uterus starting to grow. Every now and then, I get some slight cramping (like your period) and it's my uterus, moving again! So, hopefully it'll turn out to be pregnancy for you too, and those pains can become something exciting for you! Baby dust!


KH - June 22

so, what happened Stephanie?


BB - June 23




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