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m - June 25

I posted this on 'labor question'. No one seems to know. No response. I have asthma. It's not very bad. I barely have to use my inhalers. I'm worried about when I go into labor. Will it affect my asthma? Will I have more trouble since I do have asthma? I had to have a d&c a few months before this pregnancy and when I regained conciousness I had an asthma attack. It was pretty scary. I haven't had one like that before or since. But I came right out of it after using the inhaler the nurse was helping to hold for me. Anyone, please?


Jbear - June 26

I have asthma and used my inhaler frequently during my first pregnancy. I didn't need it at all when I was having my daughter. You'll be awake, so if it was waking up from anesthesia that triggered it, you won't have the same trigger. Just take your inhaler with you in case, and make sure the nurses know you have asthma. This is what I told myself when I was worrying about the same thing: If I have to have a major asthma attack, isn't the hospital the best possible place to have it?


alisha - June 26

I had an asthma attack with my first pregnancy. But i used my inhaler whenever i needed to. Just tell your doctor you are using and it and see if it is ok. They might give you a prescription for it. When you are in labor, they can give you the inhaler mask that they use in the hosptial to help you breath (if you need it).Good Luck!!!!!


Cincymom - June 26

I have asthma. I was fine. I never had O2 or anything during labor. I never even used my emergency inhaler or got sick with it once during either of my first 2 pregnancies or so far with my third.


E - June 26

I was an asthma researcher for several years. It is a fact that stress can cause the bronchial tubes to contract, which may make breathing difficult for someone with asthma. Talk to your doctor about this, so preparations may be made, if there are any. Good luck.


m - June 27

I just wanted to answer back and thank you ladies for your answers. It always helps to know that others had/have the same dilemma. And, yes, the hospital would be the best possible place to have one. lol. Thanks again. And lots of baby dust to ya'll.



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