At 27wks

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~g~ - April 14

how many months are you at 27 wks? This is so confusing to me


KEEKEE - April 14

You're 6 months and 3 weeks pregnant. At 28 weeks you will be 7 months.


JB - April 14

Also at 29 weeks you'll be in your 3rd trimester


~g~ - April 14

so does that mean at 33 wks I will be 8 mos? thanks for the help- keekee


~g~ - April 14

you guys have this month thing down packed !!!!!!! it is so confusing so at 29 weeks I will be in the home stretch?


Hayley - April 18

I think 27 weeks is just over 6 months. I'm 27 weeks and I still have three months to go till my due date. Lets hope it flies by!


Jamie - April 18

My doctor said I enter the 3rd trimester at 24 weeks. (6 months)


~g~ - April 18

Hayley is it 3 full months or is more like 2 1/2 I'm due July 15th what about you? Jamie when are you due?


BBK - April 18

~g~ at 27 weeks are you exactly 3 months away from your due date? I think so....... 13 weeks away from B-day! That would make you exactly 6 months, with 3 months to go. You're just entering your 7th month, or third trimester. My wife is also due 7/17. BTW, the third trimester begins upon completion of the 27th week, and the entering of the 28th week (now for you)!


Hayley - April 19

~g~ I'm due on July 14th!


jamie - April 19

I'm due August 11. I hit 24 weeks this Thursday.


shakelia - May 1

how many months are you at 29 wks?


m - May 1

guys, you just have to divide by 4. If you're 24 weeks then youre 6 months. simple math.


April - May 1

I'm due July 18th :) I'm at 28 weeks.. which i thought the 3rd trimester started at 27 or 28 weeks... I'm so confused


monica - May 2

yes it is confususing. Everyone has a different date for when the 3rd trimester start. My book and some websites has week 27 being the begining of the third trimester. But back to your question. Sounds right that you are 6 months and 3 weeks. I am due end of July and I am 27 weeks but I say I am 7 months, May, June and July. Three more months to go... :)



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