Attenton Breast Feeding Mothers

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Lara - October 1

I am definately planning on br___t feeding my baby, but have been told it can be VERY painful at this true and if it is how long does the pain last???(hours, days, weeks, months, etc???)


C - October 1

If there is some pain it most often lasts days. A couple weeks in extreme cases, getting better each day.


C - October 1

I should mention in time you'll feel nothing. Don't let it scare you.


Lisa*9 - October 1

If you haven't had the baby yet please look into going to a meetings before hand to learn some techinquics of b/f. Please ask for help from the nurses at the hospital,If one doesn't work out ask another. I had blisters with my first son and was afraid to put him on this was due to not having a proper latch. I believed it was easy and natural wrong thinking. If you are imformed before hand it will be easier to nurse, but you may still have problems. .


hi - October 1

I didn't have any pain, and the experience was quite pleasant. I did stop though but mostly because of a lack of support and back to work issues. Meeting with other like minded women may have helped me, so laleche is probably a great idea!


Eryn - October 1

The first three days were painful. It felt like someone pulling really hard on the nipple but you get use to it and then you don't feel anything. It's worth it but you have to just stick through it.


KH - October 1

I hurt for 9 days. I had scabs on my nipples, but not everyone gets that....


H - October 1

I hurt when my milk came in but nursing ended that discomfort. The best thing I did was ask for help at the hospital. The very first time I nursed (about 2 hours after delivery- due to serious st_tches) I was nervous to ask for help, but had no idea what to do - even after all of the cla__ses and books and counseling I had. I asked the nuse to come in and she helped me to know what was a "good latch". The first time my daughter went on, it felt ok, but I was wrong, she showed me the best way to get the baby off and then baby latched on perfectly - I could feel the difference! I delivered in a military hospital that did not have a lactation consultant (they usually do this job) but the nurse was studying to be a lactation consultant, so I lucked out!! It was embarrasing for me to have someone come in and basically handle my anatomy, lol, but it was well worth it. I did get minor scabs on my nipples (everyone does, bc the plugs in them have to come out, allowing the milk and opening to come out) but lanolin can help (and it doesn't hurt the baby). I didn't have pain as much as tenderness. As long as I nursed on demand and used the lanolin the first few weeks I was great, the bonding made the slight discomfort forgotten!!!! I plan to nurse for a year again with this one too - Good luck!!! Ps - the first 2 weeks will be the hardest -not just physically but emotionally. The baby will go through a growth spurt and cry bc it gets hungry before your milk supply refills, and you will be nursing constantly on and off. Just remember - the 2 of you can get through it. After the first 2 weeks the feeding schedule is calmer!!


Karen - October 1

I would say a few days to a week. I am b___st feeding also. I have to pump my milk cause my baby would not latch on properly. He sucks now and then.


autum - October 1

there shouldnt be anypain. any pain that theremay be is caused from poor positioning, and poor latch on baby's part. read about it, take lessons and watch videos, dont be afraid to ask if youdo need help. but if done properly there should beno pain.



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