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Marie - August 1

Anyone else have trouble with Avent bottles. I have the entire set probably over $200.00 worth and they leak. I am wondering if I should use the ones I have or go with a different system?


tiffani~99 days to go!! - August 1

I too fell for the "Avent is the best bottle ever" trap. When my kids used them, the milk would leak out of the sides of their mouth. At first I thought it was just my daughter, so I tried them on my son, same thing. Then a friend of mine was feeding her son with one and the same thing happened. My favorite bottle by far is the Playtex Nurser. I promise you'll love it. You can also sell your Avent bottles on eBay to help recoup some of your $$$. :o)


BBK - August 1

We got them and not too crazy about them either. They have different flows with different bottles and nipple combos (same one hole nipples). At times my daughter has so put a tremendous effort and others she chokes because it's too much milk coming out.... and yes, I have played around with tightness of the cap etc. They just don't cut it for us, and needless to say the baby gets frustrated. A friend switched to Dr. Brown's, and likes them and we'll give it a try beginning tonight.


Tammy - August 1

I also have them in my attic from my last pregnancy. They leaked and they provided too much air. I had a colicky baby, so I went with the playtex nursers. I am using the Playtex from the get go with this baby.


E - August 1

Same here. We do not use ours anymore and traded them for the Playtex Ventaire. Avent was leaking and the slow-flow nipple flowed to fast for Aja. Milk was all over his face within a minute of sucking. They certainly look nice, don't they?


MJM - August 1

I used the playtex nursers for a while and got tired of the liners. So I switched to the Vent-air. Best ever, never ever leaked or flowed too fast


Kel - August 1

I thought the leaking along the side was just my bub. Fortunately, I bought an a__sortment of bottles and actually got the Avent bottles for free at maternity shop. We have had great success with Dr. Browns ( a lot of little parts to clean though), Vent Air and Platex drop ins. My problem is the finding the right freaking nipples since I have so many different types of bottles. I am also fortunate that bub is not too picky about nipples.


Michelle - August 1

I used to use all kinds of bottles. I have found that the Playtex nursers work the best. Less air and they are alot easier. All you have to do is wash the nipple since you just throw away the disposable bag. I only used the Avent for the feeding bottle. Mixing cereal and milk at night. Otherwise I used the playtex bottles. I will definitely use them with my next one on the way.


Jodie - August 2

I used avent with both my kids and had no problems at all


Seriously Bad Mood! - August 2

Aaaarrggghhh! I haven't even had my baby yet and I find out that 99% of you think the bottles I've bought are useless! DOH!!!!!!!!!!!


P - August 2

I really like my Avents. They work great for me.


monica - August 3

I love my avent bottles. I also have the b___st pump and that works great for me.


sera - August 3

im pregnant with my first child and saw the playtex ventaire in the store and automatically wanted them. my older sister uses them with her daughter and LOVES them. so i went and bought a big set of them.


BBK - August 3

Hrrrrm.... I got a ventair playtex a couple of days ago to try and my daughter refuses to even "engage" to those nipples. I had high hopes for the playtex but after several attempts we poured the milk back to the Avent. So I think don't "stock up" on anything till you know what your baby likes


tiffani~97 days to go!! - August 3

BBK~ Try the Playtex Nurser. It has a big nipple like the Avent does, which may be what Anna prefers. The Playtex Nurser nipple is quite a bit softer as well, which seems like it would be more comfortable for the baby.


BBK - August 3

Thanks for the tip Tiffani! Wow you are counting days eh! Yup I think Anna likes the big nipples, but had no problems with those hospital bottles that had small nipples. I guess she's getting picky :-)



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