Avoiding Stretch Marks

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raely - September 13

Is there any way to avoid this ugly little buggers?


Lissi - September 13

No. You either have stretchy skin or you don't. Some creams can help you feel more comfortable when you do get them, but it's all down to your genes as whether you get lucky or not. I'm not. :(


hi - September 13

there is a couples things i know that helps reduce the number.one is when you get itchy DON'T SCRATCH.that makes them 10 times worse.another is cocoa b___ter lotion.keep your skin as moisturized as possible.besides that Lissi is right it's all in the genes.good luck.


S - September 13

Raely I managed to avoid stretchmarks almost my entire pregnancy.....i used palmers cream EVERY day and I went from 123 lbs to 173 lbs (YIKES).......HOWEVER......I am 40 weeks pregnancy and noticed 2 very small stretch marks on the upper front of my legs 3 days ago!!!! How sickening is that?


ker - September 13

I am covered in stretch marks already so I guess it's too late for me anyway, i'm ruined! lol.


hi - September 13

aww ker i feel your pain.i learned the hard way about scratching.my b___t drove me insane.i scratched my heart out.i always joke now about having a map that can lead anyone anywhere,lol.


geri - September 13

no. vitamin e can help but no.


teigan - September 13

i tried every cream in the book, and i still look like a map, i have them on my b___bs, thighs tummy and back of my legs, i tried everything, but i dont have good skin, its quite dry so i should of guessed, they bother me sometimes, but then i look at my little one and think if i had my perfect body back, he wouldnt be sat here, good luck


JB - September 13

I used the coco b___ter lotion all the time. I did have some visable strech marks on my sides but none on my stomach. UNTIL I had my son. Now I have them under my belly b___ton. They aren't that bad. I look at them as beauty marks, because without them I would not be blessed with my beautiful baby boy.


chelsey - September 13

I worked in a restaurant once, and got grease from the grill splashed on my face. I had burns on my eyelids, nose cheek and lip. They were something fierce! You know those Vitamin E pills. They look like cod liver oil pills? Anyways, I opened them up, and used the liquid inside (vitamin E), like you would polysporin. Not one burn left any trace of a scar. I never tried it however, when I was pregnant, because it never crossed my mind! (not that much of else did, either!) Anyways its worth a try... When I was pregnant, I did use cocoa and shea b___ter lotion, and a soap called Tone. Its made from cocoa and shea. I like to think this contributed to my lack of stretchmarks! Either way, I didn't scratch, skin felt elasticy and I smelled awesome!


erika - September 14

i found vitamin e cream to work. i was 137 went up 2 184 without a single mark i used it erryday towards the end i used alot



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