Awful Headache And Jaw Pain

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Dani - August 29

I have had an awful headache on and off on the right side of my head for about 2 weeks and jaw pain like it is my wisdom teeth, but my actual teeth don't hurt. It really starts hurting early morning like 4 or 5 am. What is this???


Jen - August 29

It's funny that I saw this posted, because I woke up this morning and my jaw was killing me like it did with my wisdom teeth, but I have already had my wisdom teeth cut out. And my head has been pounding now for about 3 days and I don't get headaches usually. So the good news is I am pretty sure I am pregnant, I am taking a test in a few days, but I just "know", so maybe you are pregnant also?


natacha [email protected] - September 30

I have the same problem right now. well with the wisdom teeth pain but I am proud to be 15 weeks pregnant! I am not sure it is my wisdom teeth but it just seems logical to me that it would be. My jaw is trobbing and my cheeks swelled abit. Headaches suck but less I forget I am pregnant and those come and go whether you like it. I a__sure you though that it must be your teeth being buggers! I know mine are! Well good luck with that!


Viv - September 30

The only suggestion I could find with a web search referenced a sinus infection. One of the symptoms of pregnancy is more discharge from the mucus membranes, which could lead to this situation.


KerryB - April 11

Hi I am new here and I have been reading these posts for the last 12 days. I have exactly the same symptoms. Really aching jaw that came on suddenly one evening, on day around 8dpo..At around 9-10dpo I woke up with mild lower abdominal pains which subsided as soon as I opened my eyes. I started spotting reddish pink blood, much lighter than my usual flow and without any real cramps. Yesterday 10-11dpo it subsided considerably. I thought (could still be I guess) it was definitely my period even though it was very light and with very minor cramps and twinges.. Anyway, today is day 11-12dpo and the jaw ache has been there every day since it started last week . It kills me on certain chewing actions, and is almost locked when I wake up. Yawning is the worst thing for it!! It is definitely not in my teeth. I too have had my wizzie's out, years ago and am lucky with my teeth, have never had any real problems. This afternoon, without taking any painkillers at all (i thought about it!!) the spotting completely stopped and the jaw pain has disappeared almost completely ??? I do now have a mild headache across the front half of my skull and around my temples. I'm so glad I found this sight. The postings are so helpful.. and i thought I was imagining this jaw ache being connected to possibly being pregnant. I am going to test Tomorrow and report back. Baby dust to all Thanks KerryB



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