Awkward Feelings Dreams About Same Sex Fantasy S Wont Stop

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I have always wondered about expierencing with another woman.... i am a married lady but it has always been in my mind a little bit.... but since i've gotten pregnant the thoughts and dreams i have, have gotten worse.... i would never act on anything, because i'm married and i would be way too shy.. but i still have these fantasies... any one else expierencing this?


Anonymous - May 19

I get those too.... don't know what to tell ya... just something that happens to people when they are preg. good luck!


- - May 19



bump - May 20



>> - May 20

Personally I think it is normal to have these fantasies and actually I too have had them. I am also married and I have been since I was very young. I have been exposed to several relationships that involve this because I have several friends who have chosen that lifestyle as a means of fullfillment. I can honestly say that part of the attraction to me is the idea that they are more like me in every way. Also every one of them has better orgasms more frquently than I do. I am curious but I would not break my marriage vow to try so for now I will just wonder and know that what I have chosen is right for me. PLus my dirty little mind and mine and he doesn't know so it can't hurt him right.


Angela - July 3

weird! I have been having them too...did not know this had anything to do with pregnancy. interesting fact


Lovely - July 3

Here's MY view.... We, as north american women, are inundated with images of our bodies, and what they "should" look like. Once we become pregnant, we become savagely aware of our bodies, (if we weren't already to begin with) by way of how much weight we are gaining and where. What is sagging, or what is popping out, what is filling up etc etc. I believe, we also compare ourselves (unwillingly) to non-pregnant looking women. Even if we are pleased to be pregnant, it still has an effect on our bodies, that we may not have accounted for. I, myself will stare longingly at a woman baring a flat, toned stomach. I find it s_xy, and irresistable. And I'm not gay. But awake and fully conscious, she becomes a s_xually attractive object, primarily because of my own deep-rooted insecurities, that MY belly (baby-bearing or not) is no longer s_xy or attractive. I do not, however, notice a single b___st or spot of cleavage anywhere, due to the fact that I know I have fabulously large and full b___sts (that are considered attractive... well, until you see them naked and find out thay are franken b___sts with ENORMOUS nipples!!!) But I don't plan on baring them to the world, so I can keep my secret. Anyway, in closing, I think our obsession with other women comes during pregnancy because suddenly, we are removed from society as s_xual objects, and placed into our own separate categories as Maternal Women. Meanwhile, our poor horomones tell us that we are the horniest creatures on earth, besides the spider monkey. Go figure!


k - July 3

yes, I get these too but I've had them for years. They are just intensified now. I had one about Angelina Jolie and gosh if she were in my room when I woke up I would have hooked up with her. I, like you, would never act on it because I am married, but I also don't want to go through my whole life not knowing what it's like to be with a girl. hmmmm



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