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Ashamed - August 17

Hi everyone. Here's my dilema or however u spell it. My last period was April 1st. My period are always normal, but in March my period was supposed to come around the 19th and didn't come till April 1st. I cheated on my boyfriend on April 23rd. I know eveerybody uses this excuse, but I was drunk and so was he, plus he was all coked up and stoned. It was a mistake, I regret it ever since. Well surprise, now I'm pregnant, 20 weeks this week.I called the guy I cheated on my boyfriend with and he said he couldn't remember if he came or not, but if he can't remember than I guess he didn't. Me and my boyfriend have s_x a lot, and a lot around that time, so what is the chances of my boyfriend not being the father? I'm due Jan 6th, and I haven't gone for an ultrasound yet. Thanks so much!


K - August 17

Hey Ashamed, if your periods are regular, you probably are pregnant by your boyfriend. If you google "due date calculator" you will find many different sites that allow you to enter when your last period was, and even a couple that go by conception date. Try I tried the dates you said, and it suggests that your probably got pregnant on the 15th. Good luck!


Evy - August 17

An ultrasound will confirm how far along you are. If you are right, and you are in fact 20 weeks this week, then you conceived the week of April 11 (so around the 15th like K says). When will you have your ultrasound? This is going to answer a lof of questions for you. Pregnant women start counting the day of the last period. (so by the time you conceive you should be about 2 weeks pregnant. Crazy, huh?) Technically then, you conceived 18 weeks ago if you are 20 weeks. When you take a calendar and count backgrounds 18 weeks it is the week before the 23rd. is what I suggest- go get your ultrasound to confirm that you are right with your timing and then you will know for sure. Chances are you were already pregnant when you cheated. Good luck!


A - August 17

Theres always the Maury Povich Show! LOL!



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