Awwwww Stretch Marks And Cellulite

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Disgusted - July 8

How the h__l do u get rid of cellulite and stretch marks? I've heard of cocca butter for stretch marks, but does it really work? Is there anything better? And I'm also still pregnant, but im only 18! I don't want to look like this, and I'm moving to Hawaii here in a couple of months. AWWWW! How do i get rid of road maps and cottage cheese thighs?


E - July 8

Jump roping will get rid of cellulite. I have no clue about stretch marks.


E - July 8

or is it "jumping rope"? Anyhow, you get the pic, right?


ME TOO! - July 8

Im so grossed out by the cellulite I seem to be getting on my a__s and legs also. Im only 22 and was in good shape before I became pregnant. It seems like cellulit popped up out of no where! Im 25 weeks w know strech marks yet..... so hoping it will stay that way. There is nothing you can really do to get rid of cellulite either. It's also depends on the person, but a lot of sugar and a bad diet can give it to you cause all it is, is fat deposits


Missy - July 8

E - just so ya know, it's Jumping Rope....C'mon, you gotta be learnin something from all that Baby Einstien and Seasame street you are forced to watch now LOL!!! And to disgusted - drink more water, it is supposed to help rid the appearance of cellutlite, though pretty much nothing will get rid of it other than losing weight (even that doesn't always work as it is partially genetic) and exercise. As for the stretch marks - girl, when you find something that gets rid of those copy-write it because it will make you a millionaire!!!


chelsey - July 8

I use cocoa b___ter with shea b___ter lotion.. I believe in the myth too. I also use the soap called Tone, its cocoa and shea b___ter too. My mom swears by Vitamin E capsules. You know the vitamins you swallow. You break open the capsule, and there is a greasy liquid inside. She says put that on your stretch marks. I haven't tried it yet though. Although i had tried it when I burned my face with hot oil, and I dont have any scars from that now!


Leigh - July 8

The cocoa b___ter only works for stretch marks if you DON'T SCRATCH YOUR BELLY. I thought that I could still scratch my itchy belly as long as I had the lotion on. WRONG. The lotion is supposed to relieve the itching so you don't scratch. It's the scratching that causes the stretch marks. Holy cow - did I just talk in a complete circle?


Soleil - July 8

Hey honestly creams wont do anything for stretch marks, i tried everything and i got them, none on my stomach but ALL OVER my b___t, legs and down to my calves..During pregnancy I had really really bad cellulite. I swear i really didnt have it before. But after i had my baby it went away. I dont know if this will happen to you but it will probably get better. Drink lots of water. Good Luck


Karen - July 8

I wont even go there. I covered with cellulite now. I had the not noticeable ones before and now that is all you can see on my poor legs. I dont even look at them anymore. Have not had a problem with strech marks so far.... Thank God.


Julie - July 8

For stretch marks you can use Strivectin after the baby is born and it is over $100.00 a tube but it really works and for the cellulite try using this new body cream that Nivea just came out with it is for your tummy b___t and thighs they say you notice a difference in 3 weeks I have been using it and it seems to work. I have been using Mustela on my belly for stretch mark prevention this time around and so far so good I don't have any and my previous stretch marks are barely visible. Good luck.



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