Babies That Are Sleeping Almost Through The Night

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monica - August 24

I know I should probably ask this on the br___t feeding thread but I seem to get a lot more answers here. My questions is for those whose babies sleep five or six hours straight at night and are br___t feeding. Is it OK to go that many hours without expressing your milk? I can only go for about 2 or 3 hours and then my br___t are killing me so I have to pump.... what is everyone else doing?


P - August 25

Honestly, I wish I had that problem. My milk production isn't that great to say the least. For me to get even slightly engorged I would have to go a good eight hours without feeding or pumping. I b___stfed my daughter around 6pm and then fed her expresssed milk at her bedtime at 8:30pm because my b___sts didn't feel very full. I didn't want to pump them because I was worried she would wake up hungry and there wouldn't be any for her. She ended up sleeping until 3:30am and then only nursed from one side. This morning my right b___st was very full but only slightly uncomfortable. I was only able to pump about 5-6 ozs. It's very frustrating because I'm trying everything I can think of to get them to produce more. I'm taking nasty Blessed Thistle and Fenugreek with every meal I eat, drinking water like crazy and I'm trying to nurse as much as possible but she just doesn't eat that much. I'm never really sure if she's completely emptied them or what. I'm really not loving this b___stfeeding thing... I'm thinking of trying to feed her expressed milk only so I can pump them out fully every three hours but my little princess doesn't like to be put down. She's lucky the smell of formula grosses me out. lol


CEM - August 25

hi monica - i b___stfeed, and my little guy sleeps pretty much through the night. he goes down around 9 pm and sleeps until about 2 or 3 am, when he wakes up hungry. i don't think i have a super-active milk production, though, because i'm not totally engorged when he wakes me up. now, in your situation, you might consider biting the bullet and not pumping for a couple of days until your supply dwindles, because if you keep pumping you'll keep producing. it'll be hard at first, but it shouldn't take too long. after a while, your body should regulate itself and stop producing so much milk, especially during the early morning hours, when we should all be sleeping like a baby ;-)


BBK ® © - August 25

monica, my wife pumps whatever the baby has not had at the 10:30 pm feeding. Baby sleeps at 11 and wakes up at about 4; by that time she's really hungry and it works out well. She pumps again at about 7am and the baby has her meal out of the bottle at about 7:30 so she won't get attached to b___st only. I would say, pump as you need to because you don't want to have any inflamations.... we had an issue with that, but things are fine now.


Shelly - August 25

I'm only pumping milk and that has worked out great for me.My little man goes to sleep around 11:30 pm (thats his last meal) and wakes up around 4-5 am and then again at 7-8 am.After that meal i usually stay up so i'm actually getting decent hours of sleep.Our midmorning sessions last between 30 minutes and an hour.Also hubby and grandma get to feed him too,and i dont have any sore nipples.


Jamie - August 25

Hey, monica, my 2 week old sleeps through the night - the trick is, don't express the milk; it'll hurt for a few days, but after that, your production will drop, and you'll produce when your baby eats.


N - August 25

hey ladies.. I was told that if you have a regular feeding schedule, after about 4 to 6 weeks you shouldn't be engourged. Monica - if it's more than you can take after two or three hours, only pump enough to make it bareable otherwise you may continue to have that problem (alternatively, pump at this time every day if you want a good backup supply of milk). To P and CEM - don't worry about not getting engourged.. after a few weeks you're body should 'know' what to produce and when.. it's a good thing :) As long as baby is gaining weight, they are most likely getting all the milk they need. A nurse had told me that after you have a regular feeding schedule you're b___st may even go back to prepregnancy size, but they are still producing enough milk. (they really only need to be producing four to five ounces per b___st for each feeding, so that's not alot). I hope this helps.


CEM - August 25

thanks for the advice N! i was sort of worried for a while about not having enough milk for my baby because he's absolutely huge, but he's growing fine so i must be doing okay. he's 8 weeks now, and 15 lbs.!!!! but, yeah, when the b___sts aren't swollen you kind of wonder...silly, i know :)


N - August 25

no problem.. trust me i worried too, that's how i knew, i ended up going to a lactation specialist because i was paranoid about everything (first time mom's do crazy things..) They told me a really good way to know how much you are producing is to go to a clinic and weigh your baby on an empty tummy and with a clean diaper.. then feed baby, and WITHOUT changing his/her diaper weigh again. They said this is usually accurate within an ounce.


CEM - August 25

yeah, did that with the first two. they were skinny minnies. this guy's really chunky, but for a while there was crying alot, so it made me wonder....another good thing to do i found out, is to weigh the diapers on an electric scale. you can do per diaper and add up, or all at once in a 24 hour period. just subtract the weight of a clean diaper/s. the things us desperate mom's do! sorry for b___ting in on your thread, monica, but maybe this stuff will help you?......


monica - August 25

thanks everyone for your advise... now if I can get my baby to sleep four hours at a time at night I will be really happy.



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