Baby Anna Pictures

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BBK - July 19 Here she is, in the first couple of days of her life.....I'll try to update weekly:


Tami - July 19

She is adorable with all that hair! How much did she weigh when she was born? I am afraid I never saw that on your post. Congratulations again on your beautiful little girl!


BBK - July 19

Thanks Tami. That hair is so soft...Born on July 13, 7lbs 11.8oz (3,505 grams), and 21 inches long.


E - July 19

OMG BBK!!!!!!! I am so happy for you:) She is simply beautiful!


BBK - July 19

Thank you E! How is your adorable little boy these days?


tara - edd 8/8/05 - July 19

she is so sweet, peaceful, and beautiful!!! Congrats to you and lisa again!


E - July 19

Aja is fat and happy, thank you for asking:) I am posting the most gorgeous and sweet pic of him ever. Should be up by tonight. Of course I will announce it to the world. I hope I don't get called a retard for doing so... Some people like to be so mean. BBK - I can't wait to see how things go for you. When do you plan to fire up the Bugaboo and show your beauty off? She will be the prettiest thing in Central Park.


monica - July 19

to bbk... she is so adorable. Thanks for sharing. 39 weeks this friday....did your wife deliver on her 39 week?


Lissi - July 19

Well done daddy! She's a perfect little bundle.


BBK - July 19

E, I'll look for the pic. This Sat we gotta go to the doc for a routine exam so I'll use the bugaboo with the car seat. Other than that we gotta forget going out for a while. It's steaming hot and humid here. Monica, it was 39 weeks and one day. TMI, but S_x worked for us as an inducer! Labor came like an avalanche! Lissi, thank you and good luck!


Shelly - July 20

BBK, i'm sooo happy for you and Lisa.Anna is a beautifull baby,you guys can be proud of her.I know from the time we have been corresponding (and i know the ladies will agree with me) that both of you are going to be wonderful parents.She is a lucky girl,and i do want to see her in her (dutch) bugaboo!!!!!


BBK - July 20

Shelly, thank you for your kind words. I think the overwheling majority of people on this site will be great parents, including yourself. Pictures of course! Bugaboo and also when we recover from the sleeplesness you'll see some family photos as well :-) Hey aren't you due soon too?


JLorenzo - July 20

Hey she is cute BBK. How are you making the transition? Are you getting any sleep? Inundated with visitors?


Mary - July 20

She is amazing! Your pics made me cry of joy ... these pregger hormones are getting to me lately. What a cute little mouth, like a b___ton! OMG and all that hair too, so cute. Congratulations!


E - July 20

BBK - how is Lisa feeling? Any signs of postpartum distress? The hormones can take a while to even out. I remember when Aja was born, I felt like crying due to the sheer love that I was experiencing. It was truly overwhelming for me. Hey, if you ever need anything from me, just post a thread and I am happy to compare notes with you, as are most of the women on this site. Don't be a stranger:)


BBK - July 20

Mary thank you!..also I think it's good for pregnant women to look at baby pics for motivation. Good luck! Josh thank you too! Transition is settling in. I had to go shopping and I missed the little one even for a few hours that I was gone. E, thanks for asking. Lisa is a little better now. She was craby for a couple of days, mostly due to back pain and sore b___sts. Tylenol helps and the doc OK'd it. I'll have to watch her for PPD I guess, but so far I think OK. She's just a little tired.


BBK - July 20

Josh, as far as sleep goes, I get 7 hours in a 24 hour period, but maybe in 2 parts. Visitors are a few now..... we'll have a party when the baby is older.... like in a month or so.



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