Baby Are You In There

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Tigerphoenix - July 15

I was wondering if anyone else does this. I start getting worried when i don't feel the little one move, so I poke at my belly or jiggle it a bit. After a few seconds I get a swift kick or jab and it puts my mind at ease. Does anyone else do this? Do you think I may be hurting her by doing it? I know it's silly but I don't know if she isn't moving or she is just sleeping. (She is rather active at night when I try to sleep. Little rascle)


Cindy - July 15

Yes, I do that all the time. I always get worried when the baby is quiet. I think everyone goes through this on the days the baby is quiet. I don't think it hurts the baby.


Jackie - July 15

Yes I do it everytime I dont' feel for a while. I am sure it's fine, the doctor is always pushing and poking at your stomach so if it was going to hurt them then they wouldn't do it.


amanda - July 15

i do it to....ALL THE TIME!!! i get so worried . my sister said that she use to push and jiggle her belly all the time and now she has to beautiful healthy my doctor presses on my belly a little hard so yeah if i think it would hurt the baby i dont think the doc would do it..


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - July 15

I did it all the time with my other 2, but this one is super energetic and I really haven't had to. My hubby made the comment just last night that this one must be kicking up a storm because he has yet to see me poke and shake my belly. Yeah girlfriend, it's normal. ;o)


Lissi - July 15

Yes, me too! My midwife presses much harder than I do, so I guess it's ok. My husband says I'm a baby tourturer and that I should let her sleep. I just have to do it though. - July 15

same here -- when they measure my belly i swear they're trying to touch the table under me they push so hard.... so yes, i poke to wake her up. I also POKE BACK !!!! When she feels the need to pop an elbow outta my side, i feel the need to poke her little knee ! LOL And to phoenix, usually they're more awake at night because with all your activitiy during the day, you're rocking them and they sleep more. Then you lay down and all is calm and they wake back up.


Monica - July 16

I couldn't help but read this and laugh. I just went for an ultra-sound today and she wasn't as active as last time. It's fun to see her moving around, so on one of my trips to the bathroom to empty my bladder, I shook my belly lightly and started jumping a bit to wake her up and get her going. It worked!! I was kind of worried that maybe I shouldn't have done that but I am rea__sured after reading this ... thanks! :)


Karen - July 16

Girl I totally understand girl. I do the same thing. I cant stand it when he is not moving around. I can nowsee him moving around on the outside I TOTALLY LOVE IT.


monica - July 17

yes I do that too. How many weeks are you?



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