Baby At 44

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ranji - November 17

I have a baby of 11 years. Had a still birth 5 years ago. i am desperate to have another baby now. Am I too old ? Any risk ?


Christine - November 17

At age 44 there are risks...higher chances of preganncy complications, having a child born with down syndrome...but I would say good luck...many woman are doing it nowadays and everything turns out fine...keep us posted...and sorry to hear about your loss...


lilmama - November 21

Talk to your doctor. If you are worried that there may be complications or your doctor is, there are millions of unwanted babies out there who need good homes. Ever think about adoption? I am trying to talk my husband into it, even though we can have our own children, i cant stand the thought of an unloved baby out there. I have one and I am 7weeks now, but maybe someday... Good luck


CC - September 8

I'm pregnant and just turned 44. I'm 8 weeks and going to get my first US in two weeks. Any tips?


Anne - September 8

You'll be in your 60's when the child is old enough for college. Who knows if you'll be around to be a grandma. I wouldn't do it.


annette - October 20

i have 2 children one 19 one 11 iam 44 and iam all so desperate to have another no what peopel say your never to old for anything.i say go for it. i was told by my doc that your chances are slim ive been trying for a year now.had all the tests done thay all came back normal and still nothing.but i still have hope dont give up if thats what you whant. iam sorry 2 heare about your still born baby that must off been so hard on you.


Gemma - October 20

At 44 there is increased risk in pregnancy such as your baby being born with downs syndrome. There is also increased risk for you. Although this is the case my mum had her seventh baby at 42 and my auntie had her first at 43 and both babies were fine. My auntie paid to have a test done early to see if the baby had certain birth defects such as downs syndrome which means that if you wanted to this would still be early enough to have an abortion.


CC - October 20

Well - for all the naysayers - I had a blighted ovum. Maybe I am too old.


Go fot it!! - October 20

My aunt had a little boy (this November he will turn 1!!) She was 42 when she had him,she had no complications, except her blood pressure was a little high (but so is alot of other womens that are younger) she delievered a healthy happy little boy that she has no problem chasing around and taking care of. Yes she will be in her 60's when he is in his 20's, but 60 isn't that old these days! I am 21 and my step-father is 58 and he acts younger then I do I swear!!


courtney - October 20

in women 40 to 45yrs there is a 95% decrease in fertility,the risk of miscarriage increase after age 35 increasing even further after age 40,this increasing risk of pregnancy loss is primarily caused by chromosome abnormalities in the achieving pregnancy can be more difficult.the child is at greater risk for low birth weight,premature labor and down syndrome.older women have a higher risk of gestational diabetes,preeclampsia and placenta previa.


J - October 21

My dad just had his 6th child at the age of 64, people dont say anything about the men being older father's so why is it so different for the women, there are risks in every pregnency.


Kaye - October 21

I think there are risks as well a__s benefits. Your at an age where you are more financially set, I believe you have more to give a child when your in your 30's even 40's. You have more time and patience. I figure if it happens your delt those cards...Play em! As for Anne whats better to have a mom and dad struggle to raise and pay for the need of a child possibly work 2 jobs so someone else can raise their child.Then as they grow nad leave the nest the parents are somewhat stable, or wait and give the best and most of yourself for what could be a shorter time. Whos to say a 30 year old mom won't be taken sooner than someone 60??? I say go for it!!


Courtney - October 21

Iwas just giving a list on problems older women have during pregnancy.i agree with kaye.also an older women has had fun in life as to when young people have kids some of them cant even take care of there kids because they want to party to much.i think if your in good health then go for it.


Catherine - October 27

Check out these stories - there are over 1,000 stories of women getting pregnant, most of them naturally, over 44y.


??? - October 27

If you already have kids, then don't try to have more. Your older kids still need you in some ways. And when they don't need you at times, then enjoy the peace and quiet. Having more babies is proven to be dangerous for the mother & child in some older women. Sure, everyone has risks, but why take the chance when you have more risks? Having a baby will not make you feel younger or look younger if that's what you're going for. You'd just look like the grandmother. That would be emarra__sing to have everyone ask "How old is your grandchild?".Now if you've tried to have kids, and never been able to, but are still trying, I'd say go for it. And for younger women who don't want to take full control of their children... don't have any until you are ready. But don't wait until it will jeopardize you and your baby.


momof 3 at 44 - November 4

I'm reading all your answers and trying to figure out what to do...I'm 8 wks and my husband says nooooo way, I'm scared and have no one to talk to. My older kids (16,14 and 8) will freak out. My doctor says I'm very healthy and I wish I knew what to husband just wants me to end it.


Kaye - November 4

I can't believe your husband would think to end it when you have 3 and he knows how precious life is. You've been blessed to get pregnant at 44. Once evryone adjusts I think you have a wonderful experience as a mom and family!!!!



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