Baby Boy Names

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Linds~~edd 12/15/05 - August 8

I am expecting my first, a boy, in december... we were really convinced it was a girl and had tons of names but don't have much for a boy. Hubby and I both like Ethan Anthony and Elijah Anthony...what do u think? feel free to add more :)


Mendi - August 8

I love vowel names! I'm not due until Feb 06, but we've been thinking of boy names. I like both but if i had to choose I would go with Elijah. I was thinking of Keaton but at a loss for a middle name, what do you think of Keaton?


tiffani~92 days to go!! - August 8

I really like the name Elijah. "Eli" is a cute nickname. We're also expecting a boy. So far Dylan Tyler is our favorite name. Boys are so much harder to name than girls aren't they?


~E~ - August 8

I like both.... but I think Elijah Anthony has a better ring! Good choices!


Linds - August 8

Thanks guys...Mendi-for keaton maybe alexander or maybe something short like james...tiffani i agree girls are much easier to name...Dylan Tyler is an adorable name...thanks again!


Jessica K - August 8

My personal favorite for a boy is Brayden. I thinkit is adorable!! I like Elijah Anthony but I do love the name Ethan too.


Julie - August 8

We are naming our son Ethan and we have another little boy Benjamin. We also liked Mathew, Nikolas and Alexander.


Mendi - August 8

Oh, I like Alexander! I was also thinking of using Keaton if its a girl....what do you think? anyone? Makes it easy! haha It's my grandmothers maiden name so I thought it would be cool to use a family name. But, I also like the name Lillyann Eve for a girl...


linda - August 8

i love the name anthony it is my brothers name and i am expecting a boy any day now but i have three brothers so it wouldnt be fair i also like the name nicholus but my hubby dosent care for it so we decided on andrew jacob well good luck !


kellie - August 8

I like Elijah =)


Ranae - August 8

I like Elijah too! I have a son who is 2 and I named him Teagen Jerzy (TJ) everyone always tells me they like it and its different.....I'm getting induced tomorrow with my second son and I'm naming him Spencer Albert, Albert is after my father and my fiances father....we thought this was neat! Good Luck!


Lissi - August 8

I love the names Dylan, Max and Alex. Ethan is good too though, I'd say it's up there on my top 10 list of names.


Linds - August 8

Mendi...i think keaton could be a girls name would be different and would sound nice with a feminane middle name like rose or something...good choice!



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