Baby Equals Family Right

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Natalie - January 24

Hello, I recently found the love of my life and it's been great until recently. Basically, I've been told that he's interested in other women. Right now, I'm figuring that if i get pregnant it'll force him to settle down and stay with me. Is it wrong to use a baby as the glue in our relationship?


jazz - January 24

selfish, aren't you?


Natalie - January 24

I don' t think so. We love each other. He just has to realize it.


geordana - January 24

whatever it takes, honey!


Natalie - January 24

While I appreciate your opinion, I think it is rude and better kept to yourself. I'm looking for other people's experiences in regards to this situation and your name calling isn't helping.


janiki - January 24

well, natalie, i'm kind of in the same situation. my boyfriend, rascal that he is, needed a little prodding so i was planning on doing that. except that now i really am pregnant, with TRIPLETS! i haven't told my boyfriend yet. any ideas on how to pop the news?


lusinda - January 24

This is so much more interesting than watching stupid football.


Jon-Pierre - January 24

What the! Janiki, Here I am, perusing my usual group of forums and to find out this? Sacreblue! I am so happy. I'll never stray with three bebes to keep my busy!


betty - January 24

congrats to jon-pierre and janiki. if you think raising three children might be beyond your means, i suggest giving one up for adoption. i think it would be especially poignant when that child grows up and runs into two other people that look just like him/her.


beatrice - January 24

natalie, i think a good time to talk about this sort of thing with your lover would be after the superbowl. he has other things on his mind right now and would no doubt be more attentive after the patriots get crushed.


Leggo my Preggo - January 24

This is uncanny. I was also about to leave my girlfriend when she got preggers. I'm convinced she did it on purpose. Every time I looked at the pills on her night stand they were all there and when I asked her about it she said that she doesn't have to take them because they were placebos. Placebos for a whole 2 months? Suspicious.


hans - January 24

What are the odds! I knew I was adopted, but never knew my birth mother. Then one day, I ran into my twin. Pretty good story, here goes. I needed to p__s badly, I was 8 years old. My mom and me couldn't find a bathroom quickly enough and I p__sed myself. Then some strange woman walks past, looking really confused, talking to me like I was her kid. Turns out, she adopted my twin brother, Bobby. Nuts, huh?


kat - January 24

natalie this could backfire and you could end up bringing up this baby alone,he might stay for a little while but he will end up resenting you for it if its meant to be then it will work out without the baby.good luck in whatever you decide.


Natalie - January 24

Thank you Kat. It's definitely a big risk, I see that now. I really should just let things progres naturally until we're both ready. It's just that we're so in love! And although I'm only 17, I know this is true love.


mama - January 24

honey, you don't know love from bunny rabbit stew.


m - January 24

Have you ever read a thread and thought to yourself, "Am I in the middle of a bizarre dream?" I just did. First of all, bad idea Natalie. A relationship needs love as its glue, not an unplanned pregnancy that he may or may not accept. Some of these posts seem so odd....... I mean, janiki and jon-pierre.... what?? and "wait until after the superbowl"..... what?? give one of 3 up for adoption.... what?? I apologize if I sound rude, but this whole thread seems like a Fine Arts Theater cla__sroom experiment!


betty - January 24

both give you that warm, fuzzy feeling?



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