Baby Gender Dreams Was Yours Right

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ashlee - February 9

hey ladies. just thought id send a post to ask if anyone out there has dreamed of their baby and what gender it was going to be??? if so, were your dreams right??? i am just about 11 weeks and have had 3 dreams in the past week that i am having a boy. before i found out that i was pregnant, i dreamed that i was pregnant, and I WAS (yay!!!) and then not long after i had a dream that i was giving birth to my baby. (hopefully that means a healthy full term pregnancy, who knows.) so at the moment i am still playing the waiting game and getting lots of cute little pink dresses off mum lol. only time will tell. please let me know what yoiu dreamed and how it turns out!!!


sye - February 9

when i was pregnant with my first daughter, i had a dream that i was having a boy and now i have a girl and this pregnancy, i dreamed i was having a boy and i'm having a girl....


ashlee - February 10

lol sye. (i hope that thats the case with me!!!) all those cute lil dresses is making me really want a girl. but if i do have a boy i will be just as happy!!! anyone else???


Angie in MI - February 10

I had a dream that I was holding a beautiful baby girl and that's what I'm having!


tracyg - February 10

I had 3 or 4 dreams that I was having a boy, and I have a healthy baby girl!!! My mom says that you usually have the opposite of what you dream.


m - February 10

Well, I had girl dream after girl dream, but I'm having a boy. I think I dreamed about girls so much because I wanted a girl really bad. But now I'm used to the idea, and I'm proud to be having another sweet little boy!


Angelaw. - February 10

I just had my 4th dream last night about us having a girl. I even dreamed about this little girl before we started TTC (it was what jump started us to TTC) I don't really care either way boy or girl, actually, for the longest time I said I did not want a girl b/c I still have a teenage sister and she makes me crazy! Anyway, DH is desperate for a girl, so maybe he is projecting on me. He just read some of the posts on this thread and said " Don't read it, it'll hex us!" He is such a dork! Hopefully we will find out at the beginning of March, so I will definently let you know. Another weird thing that always happens in my dreams is that somone I love or myself (weird) not being there for the birth. This last dream, my mother couldn't make it (of course I just popped the baby out at my inlaws, so that was a bit weird). One other dream I had was that right after I had the baby, she (again) was whisked off and I was told I had to go to work right then - I'm a stay at home mom now! Anyway, sorry to ramble... this is the first thread that I have found concerning this where people don't try to psychoa___lyze others based on their dreams!


Krista - February 10

My sis had dreams that she was having girls with BOTH of her boys. I had a dream...I was looking at my baby's face..just staring...I think the people around me in my dream were saying "He's so cute" and stuff like that...but I just shook my head while looking at the baby thinking "No, it's a girl"...SO tell me about that one! lol...what is that supposed to mean? lol I'm going CRAZY. I took the baby gender mentor at 8 weeks and it says I'm having a boy...but then I've read SO many threads at of those results being wrong...especially with them saying it's a boy when it's really a who knows....I'm going into fetal photo to find out when I'm 14 weeks.


itsapinupthing - February 10

What a breat thread Ashlee I dreamt of a girl and I really want a boy, I'm about 10weeks and still playing the waiting game as well. I guess we will know soon enough


livdea - February 10

well, I keep having dreams that I go in for my u/s and a few days later the dr calls to tell me I'm having a boy! Which is what I'm really hoping for...but I'll be happy either way! Some of my dreams have been really weird though too...very boyish, even s_xually, more a dream a man would have then a least for me! I'll find out in a couple of weeks what I'm having. The dr.'s makin me wait even though he told me three weeks ago we could find out! Drives me mad! But I guess I'd rather have them have a clear idea what's going on with the baby then me letting my paitence run out! I'll have to update this thread in two weeks!


ashlee - February 10

hey again all!!! its good to see that a couple of you are sharing your dreams!!!wow alot of you have had opposite dreams to what you are having. how weird is that!!! lol. i should find out shortly what i am having. i will be sure to let all you know what happens... if my dreams were right or if they were the opposite!!! *livdea* its funny you mention the s_xual dreams, cuz ive been having them too lol!! some more tame then others i might add. liek the other night, i dreamed that i was back at high school and my fainces ex was there and she was wearing this black dress like she was trying to be s_xy for him. anyhow, he had his car there and he was washing it in front of her like they do on the vidio clips. ( just think of jessica simpson in 'these boots are made for walkin) lol) except he was in the nude!!! no clothes at all!! he was shaken his a__s and shaken everything about if ya know what i mean lol. that was all!!! weird. cuz he HATES his ex. i think thats the only one im going to share. the rest are just too embarasing!!!...sweet dreams ladies lol.


Heather L - February 12

I just KNEW I was having a boy with my first two children. Not because of dreams, I just knew. With this pregnancy I was having ALOT of dreams that it was a girl. Dreams of giving birth to a girl. Dreams of giving a baby girl a bath. I had my u/s and it's a GIRL!!! I am so excited!!!


Jamie - February 13

I dreamt of a baby girl all through my pregnancy; I even saw her face in my dreams, and I was right. The only thing I got wrong was the color of her eyes - in my dreams, they were the same cornflower blue as her daddy's, but in reality, they're hazel like mine with a blue outline. - February 13

when I was pregnant with my son, I had dreams that I was having a girl, but I knew right from the beginning that I was having a boy. I also had a dream that I gave birth to a cat! LOL, I really don't know the theory behind that one!


ashlee - February 13

lol JaMikal-Damien so funny!!! i remember before i was even pregnant i dreamed that i had twins a boy and a girl and i kept them in the fridge as they had turned into blockes of chocolate, but i still took care of them as they were my babies and i knew that they were still my babies even though they looked like blocks of chocolate!!!


mrsfiveday - February 17

last night I dreamt of a baby boy. First he was so cute he looked like a kitten, then he actually was a kitten. Then back to a little baby. I was b___st feeding him but he wasnt sucking on my b___st, but a machine was pumping while he was drinking out of the end of a tube on the machine. And if I let the b___st milk sit in the tube too long before it was put in baby's mouth it would go clumpy and turn bloody. the I was woken by a kick in the stomach.. my first movement I have felt (19 weeks) its funny my dh is ojibwa and the baby in my dream was brown skinned. he laughed when I told him.


GLORIA - February 17

mrsfivesday, Hey the kitten dream isn't the only odd on I've heard. When I was pregnant with my first baby (who was is a boy) I kept having dreams of giving birth to a chocolate labrador puppy. I am native american...He was born whiter than me...His dad is white. But he had big ol' puppy brown eyes and a head full of dark brown hair...What a cutie...He's 11 now and just gorgeous. Then I had another boy. Who is now 7. Currently I am 4 months pg and I have been having dreams of both. About a month ago I dreamt of b___stfeeding another boy...with blue eyes like my sweet husband. Then I had a dream the U/S tech said I was having a girl...Then I had a couple more 'boy' dreams. Last night I dreamt I was holding and b___stfeeding a little baby girl. She looked like me. Which is what I want...My husband said 'if we have a girl he wants her to look like me and have my eyes and long dark hair and pretty smile'. He said he didn't even mind if she had my temper. He is so sweet.



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