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Tracy W - May 2

What do you think of Olivia Shae? I'm definitely using Olivia but not too excited about Shae. It's the only middle name my husband has really liked. Also what other middle names do you like with Olivia?


Jenb - May 2

I like Sage


how about - May 2



Tracy W - May 2

I know someone named Olivia Sage so I couldn't use it any way. I have never thought of Reece. I can't believe it, as many names as I've gone through. I will add it to my list to ask my husband. Thanks.


Lesley - May 2

Hi, I have a daughter named Olivia Mary. Mary is a family name, but I always thought it sounded nice with Olivia too.


Lacy - May 2

Olivia Grace


nelly - May 2

i love olivia grace


Amy - May 2

I love the name Olivia. This is my second pregnancy. If this one is a girl we are planning on naming her Olivia or Sophie. My first child was a girl that I named Shayna Grace. I still am in love with that name. I also like Olivia Grace. I think that would be beautiful. Good luck


Kaz - May 2

I've been considering Olivia too because I like it shortened to Liv, Livvy. I always wanted to use Kay or Kaye for a middle name. Very close to Olivia Shae, Olivia Kaye.


Kaz - May 2

Aahh, Olivia Grace is lovely, looks stunning


almost there... - May 2

i really like shae, i think you should go with it. i've met two in my life. one is my best friend and the other was born four weeks ago :o) (ps i think it means fairy??)


Maddie - May 3

I love the name Shea. My brother's girlfriend's daughter's name is Shea and she is the cutest little girl ever!


Stephanie - May 3

I like Olivia Love. It's cheesy...but I like it.


Misty - May 3

What about Olivia Rose? I like Grace better. Rose sounds nice but I personally think Grace looks better next to it. I guess it would depend somewhat on the last name. I am going to use Rose as a middle name because it is my Mom's middle name. It also seems to go with almost everything.


DJ - May 3

Olivia Paige? Olivia Kate? Olivia Faith? Olivia Elle? Olivia Joy? Olivia Laine? Olivia Michelle? Olivia Elise? Olivia Suzette? Olivia Tess? Olivia Evonne? Olivia Janelle? Olivia Renee? Olivia Camille? Olivia Corinne? Olivia Jade? Olivia Storm? Olivia Candace? It really depends what sounds good with the last name. What is the first letter and how many syllables? I like Shaye.


Lissi - May 3

I think Olivia Grace is perfect!


Kaz to Tracy - May 3

Well Hun, looks like it's been decided, how does it go with her Surname?



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