Baby Girl Name Ideas

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Olivene - May 12

Hello, All. I need a pretty one syllable girl's name. Ideas please! Thanks in advance!


oz - May 12

Um im struggling to think of one syllable names - i think Jade is nice


Erin333 - May 12

I like Layne and Paige, there my daughters middle names.


Erin333 - May 12

Oh, and I also like Brooke


Angelaw. - May 12

Mia, Tia, Tess, Anne, Rae, Belle, Blythe, Bree, Claire, Eve, Faith, Grace, Gwen, Hope, Jayne (or Jane), Jill, Joan, June, Lynne, Sage, Sue. That is all that I can think of! Good Luck!!


Pipa - May 13

there are some great baby names on also tells you meaning and origin. Good luck and have fun with it.


olivia - May 13

Anna, Nora, Mae, Rose -- Good luck!


sarahbaby11 - May 15

i like joy and saige. they are different but pretty so not 10 other kids in your daughters cla__s will end up with the same name. what is the last name if you don't mind.


collint3 - May 17

Is Tamrya ghetto, i figured that was a good name but i've mentioned it to people and they said it was ghetto


mandee25 - May 18

Grace.....I am going to name my baby Emma Grace if it's a girl.


Olivene - May 22

Thanks, everyone! It was for a middle name- we have decided we both like Jane and Claire. I like many of the others, too, but the hubby just wan't go for them! Thank you!


jessicajo - June 5

have any ideas what letter you want it to start with


Olivene - June 5

It would be better if it doesn't start with 'e' or 'm'. What do you all think of Pearl? Remember it is a middle name. I love the idea of what a pearl is! What do you think?


Aimes - June 5

Meghan means Pearl. I know it's 2 syllables, but it's still pretty.


mcatherine - June 5

I'm biased towards not liking Pearl (it's my MIL's name - but it's your baby!). What I can come up with: Claire, Rose, Rae, Reese, Brooke, Sage, Anne, Belle, Eve, Hope, Faith, Joy, Leigh, Paige, Shea, Dawn and Bryce, Blake. Good luck to you. Whatever you choose, I'm sure it will be perfect!


Soontobemom - June 5

What about Brynn (pronounced Brin), I think that's a cute middle name. What's going to be the first name if you don't mind?


Twinmom2be - June 5

Reece, Liv



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