Baby Girl Names

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L - March 24

Dose anyone have any suggestions for baby girl names? I found out Im having a girl and have no idea what i want to name her....I will take any suggestions at all.....please help


Liz - March 24

Do you tend to like trendy, old fashioned, unusual? Narrow it down then you'll probably get more suggestions than you need : ) Congrats~


Julie - March 24

I love the name Ava.


JLorenzo - March 24

Our daughter is coming in May and her name will be Abby Rose.


BBK - March 24

We're naming our baby girl Anna, but if we had not picked that it would have been Athena, the goddess of wisdom and purity


Billie - March 24

I like the name Mia. If I was having a girl, that would be her name.


L - March 24

I am trying to find a name that is not to unusual but I dont want one that is too common. Thanks for the suggestions.


shan - March 24

the names i like are Lily, Ava, emma, Reagan, mckenzie, addison...good luck and have a healthy 9 months!


Heidi - March 24

Maisy, Scout, Megan, Vada, Corrina, Justine...


brittany - March 24

i like the name Kylie


J - March 24

We are hoping for a girl this time since we already have a boy. If it is a girl we will name her Vanessa, Alain, or Isabel.


J - March 24

Sorry that was Alaina


MandyD - March 24

Some names I like are Alexis, Cadence, Carlie, Kaylee, Kelsey, Kylie, Layla, Madison, Marlowe, Reagan, Rylie and Sierra. I know there's more I like, but I'm drawing a blank right now. If I think of more, I'll post again. Good luck to ya!


Alexis - March 24

I second that Mandy I really like my name, I also like Jasmine, Isabel or Isabela and Mireya it's the spanish form of Mariah. Congrats anyway and good luck!


amanda.d - March 24

I like unusual names too, my daughters names are Kinsey(kinzee), Taherra(ta-hair-a), we also decided that we like Ava, Lily, and Isabella.hope that helps.


E - March 24

I like Caramia and calling her Cara or Mia, I also like the name Ellie


c - March 24

I like.. Trinity, Sera, Danae ( the "a" is soft like in dan), dylon, drew, darcy,



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