Baby Girl Names Need Opinions

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duejuly25th - July 8

Ok so i am 38 weeks and me and my fiance still have not picked our baby girls name. I could really use some outside opinions so please let me know what you think 1 Lily Anne Emery 2 Josephine Rose Emery 3 Johanna Beth Emery 4 Lilah Mae Emery 5 Hailee Jade Emery 6 Aubrey Kayleen Emery 7 Sophia Grace Emery 8 Avery Mae Emery Thank you soooo much!!!


Joannav - July 8

i really like the first one Lily Anne Emery Or Lily Ann Emery you ca


sophandbob - July 9

I like Sophia Grace, but I might be slightly bias!!


BackBratOne - July 9

The name that we picked out for our eventual baby girl is Melody Navaeh


BackBratOne - July 9

I like number 6 there's comething about the name aubrey I find to be pretty and, I had accidently cut and forgot to paste the rest of my post.


Soontobemom - July 9

I like Johanna and Aubrey, they aren't too commone either.... I think Sophia, Avery and Hailee are starting to get to be popular names... so I would go with one your child will have for themselves.


frankschick2001 - July 9

I like Hailey Jade Emery


littleangel - July 9

i like Lily Anne but i also like LIly Rose, my dd name is Kayleigh anne.


Bubblesofjoy65 - July 9

I like Lilah Mae


babybird - July 9

Lily Anne


jal239 - July 9

I love Sophia Grace!!!! I just love the nameSophia. Congrats on your baby girl!!!!


sahmof3 - July 9

I love Lily Anne. Mine's names are Nathan Philip, Leah Alexandra and Justin Daniel James.


d16mond - July 9

I named my two little girls Lily Hilary & Amber Hannah. You will know when you find the right name, especially once you see you cute little baby.


KitCat - July 9

They all sound great, but I like Sophia Grace the best. Congrats!


Krissiem23 - July 10

Sophia Grace is awesome! Do you like the name Ame (prononced Amy?) Because you could name her like Ame Mae Emery - and then her initials would be AME. I love when people do that!


Amartin100503 - July 10

I like Lily Anne. It is a beautiful name. Since we're on the subject of name a__sistance. My husband and I are going to name our baby girl Kadence, but can't come up with a middle name. Any help would be great.


kades_momma - July 10

Amartin100503, I have a 3 yr old son who's name is Kadence Monroe. I am currently 9 weeks preggers and our girl name is Lexi Lei, and our boy name is Kaysen James,could anyone help me with a better middle name to go with Kaysen?? duejuly25th , What about the name Maci Mae? I really like that. -Kari-



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