Baby Has A Favorite Spot In My Belly

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kayleigh - October 21

Hi! I'm 31 weeks. I've noticed that my little girl usually stays low in the far right side of my stomach. It feels like I feel her right beside my hip bone! My question is- why do they have a favorite spot? Do most babys do this? Does anyone else notice this? I thought she'd be bigger than this now, and unable to fit into one side of my stomach. weird!!


April M McIntyre - October 21

My younger daughter would stayin my low right side alot , but it was bad when she came out cause she had overstretched the muscles and ligaments which caused intermittant pain for months.


kayleigh - October 21

ahh! yuck! couldn't you gently coerce her out of the spot sometimes?


Smiles - October 21

She might just have her foot on your hip bone and that is what you are feeling. At 31 wks she weighs about 3 pounds and is around 16inches long. :)


Lisa - October 21

My little girl seems to like the left hand side of my stomach, so my belly b___ton is a little off centered! Hah


Tara - October 22

I am 27 weeks and my son will just not move i am carrying him very low. So i find it very uncofortable, believe me i understand your pain but my OB told me that this is totally normal.


Lynn - October 22

At 31 weeks, my baby favored the right side, my whole belly was off center. Now (almost 35 weeks) she is so big (5 lbs 11 oz) that she doesn't have enough room to favor either side! I do notice though that there is more movement on the right side than on the left, so I think she still kinda favors that side a little bit.


N - October 22

This is my second baby and both so far have had favorite sides. This one likes to have his back up the right side and feet/knees up the left (the first preferred the other side).. My belly is SOO lopsided because of the way he lays, it's very noticable. Once in a while he moves his bum out front, but he always moves back. My doctor a__sures me it's normal. By this point they are getting pretty squished in there and if I found a good spot that wasn't crushing my face, I wouldn't move either!



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