Baby Has Arrived

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nhb - November 14

I had my baby! It was a boy (which we knew), named Timothy Stuart (Timothy after my father, Stuart is my husband's middle name), he was born at 39 w, 1 d (I was induced). I went in on Thursday morning, 11/10, at 6:00; they broke my water at 7:45 am, started pitocin around 8:00 am, and I got the epidural at around maybe 11:00? I don't really remember that part . . . but anyway, I was at 5 cm when the nurse checked me at around 3:50 pm-4:00 pm, and she upped my pitocin--at 5:15 I called her back in and said I had the urge to push--sure enough, I'd dilated the last 5 cm in about 20 mins! My beautiful boy was born at 5:09 pm on 11/10, weighing 8 lbs, 12 oz, and was 22 inches long with a 34 cm head. All in all, the labor was OK, as was the birth, but when he was born, he had the cord so tight around his neck that they had to cut it to get him out the rest of the way, but he's fine now--spent a few hours in the nursery, but I got to see him around 10:30 the night he was born. Also, my doctor had to "manually" retrieve some blood clots from my uterus which were causing me to bleed more than I should have (which means she literally stuck her whole hand "up there" three times in a row to try to get them out!) and I didn't have any pain medication until after that . . . so I'm definitely still kind of sore! Anyway, that was my story that I wanted to share--good luck to everyone with their labors and births!


Lynn - November 14

Congratulations! I have a friend you has had 2 drug-free births and with the last had the blood clot problem that you had. She said that was the most painful part of both of her lebors & deliveries!


to nhb - November 14

CONGRATS to you and the healthy baby boy! how are things going so far at home? continued health to you and your new addition to the family!


nhb - November 14

Things are going OK--this is baby #2 for us, so my older son (who's 17 months right now) is definitely rather jealous . . . my family lives in the next state, though, so when they came down to see Timothy, they took my older boy back home with them for a week or so; he'll get a lot of attention while he's there, and start feeling somewhat better, I think, plus I can't lift him right now anyway since he weighs about 30 pounds now. Timothy is already sleeping better than my older son did at night time--my older son refused to be laid down, but Timothy will actually sleep in his ba__sinet sometimes : ) I am b___stfeeding, which is wearing me out as well, but all in all, it's still going quite well. Thanks for the congratulations!


Steph - November 14

Congrats to you!!!!! Sorry about the manual retreival of the clots...that had to have sucked!!


*X* - November 14



Michelle - November 14

Congrats! I hope all goes well at home and your older son will love his little brother soon!


Lisa*9 - November 14

Buy some tucks with which hazel in it for v____al soreness from delivery. Hope the blood clots don't give you to much trouble,and congradulation to the family.



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