Baby Hasn T Dropped

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Heidi - December 12

I'm 37.5 weeks pregnant and my baby hasn't "dropped" or engaged into the pelvis yet. I've read most places that this takes place anywhere from 2-4 weeks before delivery. I'm due in 2 wks. I'm scared of a C-section delivery. Any advice on what i can do to help engage the head and get the baby to "drop"? I've tried walking and s_x.


KM - December 12

there is no way really, but walking and s_x may help a little.Baby will drop when he/she is ready.I wouldn't worry because it doesn't mean much.Baby can drop even when you are in labour.My baby was engaged really early on, but he was facing head up and i ended up with a section anyway.Just a personal opinon, but c-section is soo great. I was terrified of it when I was pregnant, but I had a bad labour and ended up with one and it was so relieving.not scary at all and the recovery was fairly easy. I was glad to not have st_tches down there or anything like you dont bleed as long after as you do if you have delivered v____ally.So I guess either way has its good things and bad things.I wouldn't spend your pregnancy worrying about the possibility of having to get a section because if you end up having to have one I guarantee its not half as bad as you would have thought :p


T - December 16

With my son...he didn't drop until I was in labor and I didn't have to have a C-section. He didn't even turned downward until a week before I was due. It should all work out just fine. Good Luck!


L - December 17

Im 40 weeks and in the same position. One thing you can try is sitting on an exercise ball and gently bouncing,and rocking your pelvis. It hasn't done anything for me but it was suggested by a yoga instructor I know. Also, im told second or subsequent babies usually don't drop until labor has actually begun. Good luck!!


daisy - May 24

i am nervous too i am 39 weeks and i have been having lots of contractions but i wont dilate and the baby doesnt drop


Paige - June 23

I am due in 5 days and he hasn't dropped yet. Could this mean a past due date delivery?



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