Baby In Transverse Breech Position

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Darlene - October 23

Has anyone ever experienced their baby being positioned in the transverse position. I am 35 wks and was told this. a little worried as to what this means as far as delivery and baby's health. Any help or advise would be really appreciated. I am having an U.S. on Tuesday to further access the situation. TIA


andrea - October 23

the baby being in this position means that the head is up. I think that you still have time before you deliver, the baby may move to the head down position before then. The doctors can try to manually make the baby turn by a pushing effect on your stomach. Otherwise, they may just schedule a c-section. I don't think that they advice you to go ahead with a v____al birth, because this can cause too much pressure on baby head. Look up some ways that you can maybe help the baby turn downward on the internet. Hope that this has helped.


karine - October 24

my baby never turned. i had a 37week ultra sound, and it was still breech. The ob. said, that the baby still had chances to turn. but i started labour at 38weeks. So i had an emergency c-section. now iam pregnant again. and only hoping that i can try the VBAC


mom42 - October 25

My first baby was breech, though not transverse. I had a successful external version and delivered v____ally.


~m~ - October 25

My first was breech. They talked to me about manually "turning" the baby, but I have heard horrific stories about the dangers of that. I had a c-section since he was dropping and still breech. Good luck!


Dustie - October 25

I had a US last Friday, I am 31 weeks. My baby is currently breech, but was told he had plenty of time to turn on his own. They said if he doens't turn, they can try (when time for delivery) pushinging on my stomach to try to move him, but this has risks. The only other way is cesarean (sp?).


Becky - October 25

PLEASE PLEASE -- see a chiropractor! One that is knowledgeable about pregnancy and pediatrics. They can do a technique on you that is very successful in getting breech babies to turn and is better for both of you. Ideally you should see your chiropractor throughout the pregnancy. I've only been to mine once so far, but I've learned A LOT about what is normal and what's not. Highly recommended!


Tammy - October 26

Darlene- My baby was breech and transverse at my 36 week check and never turned. I had a c-section on Friday and although the recovery stinks, I'm glad I did it that way. My baby was too big to turn. He ending up weighing in at 8 pounds 10 ounces.


P - October 26

My daughter was a transverse breech and she never turned. My section was scheduled a week before she was due and though the procedure itself was unpleasant (for me), I had no trouble with the recovery. I was kind of glad she took the choice away from me cause I was scared &%$less to have a regular v____al birth. Because she was transverse my doctor said she had to make a vertical incision on my uterus and therefore all subsequent babies will also be c-sections. I personally, would never risk them turning the baby from outside. But that's me and I'm paranoid ;)


Edcat - October 27

This happened to my friend and she had acupuncture which worked, she delivered v____ally.


curious - October 27

I thought that Transverse breech meant that baby was laying sideways. And when head is up, bum is down, isn't that called Frank Breech? Maybe I'm wrong....



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