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Lauren - March 5

I just found out that I am having a baby girl. I am very excited! I have always wanted to name my daughter Olivia, but I never knew how difficult it would be to find a middle name. Any ideas?


PP - March 5

I am using Grace as a middle name. I like what it stands for.


lulu - March 5

Any ethnic background in particular? Olivia Kathleen Olivia Laine Olivia Renee Olivia Suzanne Olivia Joy ?????????


!!! - March 5

I like marlene


rose - March 5

i like to use something special (maybe a parent's or grandparent's name) as a middle name...a middle name is rarely used and it is nice to carry on a family name while still giving a child his/her own unique first name..


Liz - March 5

I know an Olivia Ann and an Olivia Claire. Do you have an good "family" names? I love the name Olivia! Great Luck!


~m~ - March 5

Ditto what rose said. I would go with something in the family. How about your maiden name (that is, if you are married). If you don't have any family names you like/want to use, my vote goes to Olivia Layne.


Lauren P. - March 5

Aw the name Olivia is adorable! I quite like the sound of Olivia Rose.


MandyD - March 5

I like Olivia Grace together....very pretty!


klm - March 5

I like Olivia Grace too!!!


KM - March 5

we had Leigh picked out for a middle name, if we had had a girl. lol


Misty - March 6

I'm with Rose and ~m~ on this one. I always go with something in the family that has special value or meaning to me when thinking of middle names. My sons grandfather died of a stroke less then a month before he was born so we gave him the same middle name as his granddads, in remembrance.


Lindsey - March 6

when I was preg we had Olivia Skylar picked out for a girl. I still love the name Skylar, and to my knowledge, I don't hear that name often. Just a thought! Good luck to you. I also like Olivia Faith or Olivia Grace.


Renee - March 6

Wt about Danielle?


LUCI - March 7

I like the names Vanessa (which means b___terfly) or Violeta (which means flower)...



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