Baby Movement When To Worry

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Leahp - May 2

I am just now 20 weeks, and for the past few weeks I've been amazed at how much I could feel my little bundle, but the past few days it's been very minimal! I begin to worry, I do have a heart rate monitor and have used it and she's still beating away but why does this happen, just the other night, she gave my husband a great huge kick and it was his first connection to her, why all the sudden she is so still?


Jenn... - May 2

She is probably sleeping - when they sleep they grow :) Drink a tall gla__s of OJ and then lay down, that should get her kicking!


prego nc - May 2

OMG I am just over 20 weeks and going throught the same thing!! I was so worried because I had not felt her move in about a week. I worried and worried. I don't have a fetal monitor to see how she is like you. I called Doc. and they said that baby will go through stages where they sleep more so they can grow. He/she could also be turned inward and kicking inward now so you just don't feel it. As long as the heartbeat is good and no bleeding you will be fine. After a week of waiting, she started moving and kicking a few nights ago. WILD!


Tracy W - May 2

I didn't start to feel movement until 20 weeks and it was very minimal. This is my first by the way. But the frequency and intensity has definitely increased each week. I'm now 25 weeks and feel hard kicks and quite often. My husband didn't even feel her until about a week ago b/c she wouldn't kick long enough to get him over there to feel.


Jenb - May 2

My baby would go for a couple of hours without as much as a twitch. The doctor had me scared to death by telling me that I should feel him move more than I did. This was toward the end of my pregnancy. It turns out that he is a very heavy sleeper. If he is tired enough, he would sleep through anything. He was very healthy. If you aren't feeliing her move at all or you should probably check with your doctor and get an u/s. You should probably do it just so you can relax.


BBK - May 2

At 20 weeks she's got a lot of room. She's small enough to change position so that you won't easily feel the movement..... for example if she's facing inwards. After 26 to 28 weeks, when she's bigger, you should be getting more consistent movements.


nonk - May 2

Hi Leahp..I am 30 wks and there are times when my baby is kinda slowing down for the whole week and move alot (almost all the time) on the next week, that sometimes make me wonder when it sleeps.. I read from "what to expect when you re expecting", it says that is normal, because the fetus is just like us, they have"up" days when they feel like kicking, and "down" days, when they'd rather lie back and take it easy.I try not to worry though. Just make sure you count the movements twice a day, in the morning and evening. I am sure your baby will be fine, she is probably sleeping. I'll pray that our baby will be healthy and beautiful.


~S~ - May 2

There's days when i feel my baby moving like crazy! Sometimes it gets to the point where you can actually see my belly jump when the baby kicks and it can be distinctivly felt by someone resting their hand on my belly...but then I have days when I rarely feel baby move, and if it does, it's very light, soft kicks. Sometimes I don't feel it move at all throughout the day. Just remember, your baby is like you. Somedays you feel energetic, happy, wanna be on the move and other days you feel kind of "blah" or relaxed, just feel like hanging out and keeping quiet. You have your up and down days, so does your baby. =o)



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