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Kerry - September 21

I am 7 months pregnant and my baby has been very active from very early on. I have not felt him kick or move for about 28 hours, should i be worried as he is usually so active?


Tk - September 21

No, you should not be worried at this point. Babies are more active at some times than others for many reasons. First of all, around 7 months or so, they are starting to run out of room to be moving around a lot. Second of all, the baby could be facing inside instead of outside so you would not feel the kicking on the outside. If you are still concerned, it may be worth placing a call to your doctor for some peace of mind.


kellie - September 21

i was at the doctors office yesterday and they told me that i should still be feeling the baby move at least 16 times a day if not more...They told me if the baby does not move at least 16 times a day to drink some juice eat something with sugar lay on your left side and count the movement of your baby.....then if you still do not feel adaquet movement to try and wake the baby by shaking your tummy and moving them they say that sometimes they start to get lazy but that is not until about 36 weeks you can expect that because by then they are really starting to run out of room like TK said but at 7 months that is a little early on to have a decrease in movement......if you are not feeling your baby move yet the best thing to do since it has been so long is to call your doctor they will either want to see you in the office or at the place where you are going to deliver for a NOn stress test basically all they do is hook you up to a monitor to monitor baby heart beat and see if movememt occours and see if there are variations in the heartbeat Variations are a good thing for baby.....Please let me know how everything turns the way even with the baby facing inside instead of out you would still feel the baby kick and move about.....i hope that this helps you....


?S?S - September 21

Kerry if you are worried about the less movement your little baby is doing then go and get checked out by your GP. You dont want to get stressed not when your neally at the end. But kelly is right about what she has said in her post. Ok so there is a little less room to move about but the baby will still move.


bb - September 21

I am 33 weeks pregnant and I have just come out of hospital because my baby did not move for over 24 hours, when I got to the hospital everyting was ok but they keep me in for 24 hours to make sure, my midwife told me that if you do not feel your baby move for 6 hours or more you should contact the hospital straight away. I think that you should contact the hospital and get yourself checked out, just to be on the safe side. Hope this helps.



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