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Amanda - April 4

I am 34 week's and we are thinking of naming our boy Jordan, but can not come up with a middle name. Any suggestions?


jena - April 4

that's hard - if I were you I'd go through parents names and grandparents names until you find one that works and then it will have a special meaning too. good luck!


Jace - April 4

I like the name Jordan Blake.Good Luck....


Becky - April 4

You also might find initials that you like and then find a name to go with those initials.


Jenice - April 4

mmm...I love the name Jordan! (if and when I have a boy, I'm planning on using "Micah") How about Jordan Paul? Or Jordan Christopher? I don't know...but there are a lot of really great sites out there with baby names. May I suggest picking one that has a meaning that is significant to you? (My husband's parents gave each of their 3 boys middle names that meant "gift of God" and they love it!) Anyways, any name you choose will be wonderful. Don't stress it! My parents only named me when I first met them!! And congratulations on your baby boy!


Mellissa - April 4

My cousin's son's name is Jordan's kind of ordinary but it seems to fit well :-)


DJ - April 5

Jordan Kent? Jordan Christopher? Jordan Davis? Jordan Brooks? Jordan Scott? Jordan Curt? Jordan Elliot? Jordan Grant? Jordan Bradley? Jordan Ross? Jordan Andrew? Hard to know what sounds good without the last name. Good luck. Jordan is a nice name!


C - April 5

I like Jordan Blair or Jordan Wade...but it really also depends what your last name'll find one you like....good luck!


Liz - April 5

Jordan Christopher sounds great!


c - April 5

i like jordan andrew.


Emmanuel - April 15

Jordan Emmanuel - that's my baby's name and I love it (Manuel was grandpa and 2 uncle's names).


Jennifer Marie - April 15

Hey congradulations! On your baby boy your gonna love him dearly.I just wanted to suggest jordan lee or jordan brent or jordan sheen. I dont know theres alot but good luck and the best of prayers!


Jamie - April 15

How about Jordan Lee??


Lisa - April 16

Jordan Michael, Jordan Lee, Jordan Bradley...??


sarah - June 24

my boyfriend's name is jordan and his middle name is christopher so I think it's a good middle name



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