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firsttimemom7 - February 28

It is my first pregnancy and my husband and I are having a really hard time agreeing on names. We both want to avoid popular names, but are having a hard time agreeing on unique names. He really likes the name Beckham for a boy, but I am concerned that people will constantly associate that with the popular soccer player. We are not fans of him. I think it is a cute name, but just wanted some feedback on whether the association of the celebrity would end up driving me nuts. I really like the name Ivie for a girl, but he is afraid people will associate that with poison ivy. Another name we are struggling with is Hezekiah. I like it because it is a biblical name and I think it would be cute for everyone to call him "Kiah" for short. Feedback on these names would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!


tryin44 - February 28

I like your names. Personally when I read beckham that was the first thing I thought. But it is a cool name. My cousin has a niece named Ivie and it actaully seems to be a very popular name. Hezekiah is a good name. Can't go wrong with biblical. We named one of our sons Asher which was one of the twelve tribes inthe Bible. Hew is eight and I have only met one person since his birth that said they new a asher. I like unique names also. Our other son is Draco. Good luck!!!!!! I like the two boys names.


waitingmommy - February 28

Beckham is my nephews name (hes 1) and I have a coworker who just had a boy and named hiim beckham! Love the name! I like the name Ivie, but it depends on your lastname. How do you pronounce Hezekiah??? Good luck!


firsttimemom7 - February 28

Oh, and our last name is "Davis"


Punkin - February 28

I love the name Beckham! It is really cute, I like Ivie, but with a short last name a longer name may sound better? We are struggling with names too, we like Preston for a boy and Hanne (Haun-a) for a girl. Whaddya think about those???


abriamiacadia - February 28

I like your names, here some advice though, dont think about what or who every one will a__sociate your kids with. What do you guys want..thats what matters. Not what people will think.. I like the name Rylan for a boy, and thats what my child's name will end up being if its a boy...but people may a__sociate him w/ Sandra Brown (which is where i got the name from) but,..hey I love the name lol PUMPKIN, i love the name Hauna for a girl. My friends name is Hanneke (pronouced Hanna kuh)


pregnantjackie - March 1

By the time the baby is old enough for his name to be a__sociated with anything, Bekham will have bad knees. Nobody will even remember who he is.


firsttimemom7 - March 1

I like the names Preston and Hanna. Preston seems to be a lot more popular now. So not much feed back on the name "Kiah" for a boy...does that mean people don't like it?


Erin1979 - March 1

I like the name Kiah, but I do not like the long form. Just my opinion. I agree with not giving your kids totally popular names, but I think some people tend to take the "original names" too far. Rememeber the child has to live with the name forever....I'm not trying to start anything, if you like the name then go for it.


Punkin - March 1

I like Kiah a lot! It is different enough with out being off of the wall weird. I think it is a very strong sounding name!!


MsMonet - March 1

I love Beckham - Its unique. Ivie is just OK and I love Hezekiah. I love the boys names. I think I would wait until the baby comesout. If its a boy, check out his personality to see which boy name fits with him...


lawlady72 - March 2

The 16 year old girl in the partment below mine named her daughter Diamond Tiara............ yeah, sometimes original is just cruel to the kids.


Shannie - March 6

I love original names. I was thinking about Autumn for a first name for a girl but I am undecided on middle names. Autumn Nicole (Nicole is my sister's middle name) Autumn Shelby (Shelby is my mom's first name) or Autumn Rain. For a boy my husband and I like Gage Alexandar. It is your baby and you can name it whatever you like. My best friend just had a baby girl and she named her Phoenix Sophia.


Bridget - March 6

I think Beckham is nice, I never saw the movie so I have no frame of refernece there and Ivie is very pretty. Funny, but I like the long Hezekiah much better than the shortened "Kiah". I love Autumn and actually considered Peregrine for my son because I love birds(there was a 7th century saint named Peregrine and it means wanderer) but people kept telling me how he'd get called Perry and made fun of. I tried to be sensitive of that type of thing but after a while I just tuned out because someone always knows a jerk named ----- fill in the blank. The main issue I have with names these days is the trend to give girls obvious boys names. Let us know what you decide.


firsttimemom7 - March 6

Shannie~~I like Autumn Shelby the best. I love the name Rain, and I think it makes a great middle name, but it might sound too "hippie" to pair it with Autumn. Just my opinion... Thats funny about your friend naming her baby girl Pheonix. That is one of our girl possibilities. We are having a lot harder time picking out girl names though.


dukeblue1212 - March 6

I'm having a really hard time picking out a boys name. I think girls names are so much easier. I like the name Elliott but my DH hates it. I do think Beckham is really cute, as well as Rylan. Any more suggestions on unique, non-trendy names?


Bridget - March 6

Some I like are Alastair, Ronan, Gavin, Ciaran (pronounced KEER-an), Rhys (pronounced Reese), Sterling, Issac, and I really like Rylan,BTW.



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