Baby Names

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Kamdyn - April 30

okay so we all know like 12 peeps who have named their baby girl emma or madison and all the boys will be little connors and aidens... what are some names you all are considering for your pending bundles of joy?!?!


lola - April 30

i have always loved isabelle for a girl and im thinking maybe brady for a boy!


charlena - April 30

talia for a girl


beth s - April 30

well if he was a girl it was going to be Paige but since its a boy his name is gonna be Grady


Jenice - April 30

For a girl Ariella (pronounced Ah-ree-ella) with a nickname of Ella, and Micah for a boy. Or Caleb. And I also love the name Kaelynn for a girl (but my husband doesn't!)


a - April 30

If i get pregnant witha girl my little one will be Isabella Katherine (Katherine after my late mother). Boys names we are stuck on


Julia - April 30

For a girl, Shay or Shaelynn, Ca__sie, Cora or Coral. For a boy, Jack!


PP - April 30

My bot names were Andrew Kent and Michael Kent and my girl names are Lindsay Grace, Katherine Grace, or Madeline Grace.


:-) - April 30

AWE! such cute names...


manda - April 30

Austyn Marie


jojo - April 30

I hate to say it after my grandmother EMMA ROSE for a girl and LIAM JAMES for a boy


Kamdyn - April 30

jojo, i think emma is a REALLY cute name! =P the only reason i didnt choose it is because a couple of my friends have emmas!!! (and i like rose too!)


Amanda - May 1

For a girl I like Riley Morgan and a boy Lukas Carter.


Jessy - May 1

REBECCA, SARA, JOY, FAITH, HOPE yeah my husband likes the traits...we're hoping for a girl!! But my boys are so far...JOSHUA NEHEMIAH and JONATHAN CALEB...if we have a boy I'm really liking BENJAMIN...hey, you choose


Lissi - May 1

We want to name our daughter Nadya. I've always loved it, and it means Hope, which is something I have a lot more of these days. Can't decide on a middle name though.


Maddie - May 1

Caden is going to be our little baby boy's name.


mel - May 1

my little boys name is CAMDEN JAMES... we call him CJ! =P



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