Baby Names Does Everyone Have Theirs Picked Out

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undecided - May 13

I am near delivery time and my husband and I still can not decide on a name...has anyone else done this? Someone I work w/told me this morning that she saw on T.V. that there is a child who is 18 months and still doesn't have a name...that's crazy!


Mary - May 13

Why are you taking so long to pick a name? Just stick with one that's easy to pronounce & fits what you'd like to be baby's character to be like. And that also matches the baby's last name. Haven't you looked through a book of baby names? They've got so many options to choose from. That might help.


Julie - May 13

I can understand I am only 18 weeks but I don't know what I will do if it is a boy because I am so unsure of a boys name my first son's name is Benjamin and I love that name I just don't know that I could find anything comparable! Girls names are easy I can find many beautiful girls names.


Karen - May 13

I am 35 1/2 weeks and we don't know what we are having but have names picked out. Samantha for a girl and Savino (Italian for Sam) for a boy. This goes right after my husband's name. The name will come to you when you least expect it.


ES - May 13

I do not have a definate name picked out. Right now she is Infant Female. We are very torn on names. I have tried to think of names I like and I just feel very overwhelmed trying to get a name for my daughter. We are leaning toward- Grace Rosemaria or Annabelle Grace.


Love it - May 13

Annabelle Grace is a beautiful names Annalise is also a pretty name I have considered but I have niece named Anna so I think it is too close.


undecided - May 13

It's not as though we haven't been looking and discussing names...we have a 40,001 baby name book & I've been looking at names on the web. We just can't decide on one together. I guess it's just b/c it's our first, and probably the last, girl we will have and we want her name to be know what I mean? Also, I would like her name to start with an "A" and her middle name to be Kay...any suggestions? (please help) :D


Julie - May 13

Anna, Abigail (Abby), Ariel, Alissa, Allison do you like any of these?


Kimmy - May 13

We have picked our names already ... Damien Wallace if it is a boy, and Haley Jane if it's a girl. The first names we chose and the middle names are pa__sed on from important family members.


Savannah - May 13

I think Andrea Kay would be lovely.


undecided - May 13

Well, Allison and Anna are already used in our close family...I have a friend who's daughter's name is Alissa.I like Ariel and Abby but my husband doesn't. At first we were thinking of naming her Adrienne Kay but he said that he doesn't think that the two names "go together"...


TX Girrrl - May 13

My husband and I knew our first two kids' names immediately because we went the family name route. Number 3 is becoming a bit of a challenge. I'm sure when he/she is born, we'll look at him/her and say, "Oh, hello, _____. There you are. Of course, that's your name!"


nhb - May 13

It's not uncommon, undecided; when you see the baby, you may immediately think of a name you'd been kind of tossing around previously. I didn't have my son's name for sure until he was born. Just realize that an 18-month-old w/ no name isn't a good thing!! Don't stress though--I'm sure something will come to you.


amanda.d - May 13

I am 17w4d and have both boy and girl names picked out.My hubby had no choice.


nhb - May 13

Also, my boss is pg too (22 weeks) and what she and her husband did is take turns calling the baby different names for a week--see which one sounds the most natural. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but it might work?


Nicole - May 13

What about Ashlynn Kay? It sounds pretty, and I thought about using Ashlynn for one of my names. It is unique. I really like Adrienne too, and don't think it sounds bad with Kay. Here are my baby names (several, can't decide yet) if you need ideas. Girls- Melodie Brianne Cadence Sherilyn Carly Ashlynn Boys- Logan Tyler Braden Zachary Any feedback on which of these names you like would be appreciated, ladies! Thanks and good luck!


bump - May 14

bump bump



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