Baby Names And Other People

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Darknessangel87 - May 8

My boyfriend and I are expecting a baby in October. We don't know the s_x of the baby, but already have baby names picked out. Unfortunately, a lot of people around us (including his family) don't like the names we have picked out. I know that it's not their decision and I shouldn't care what they say, but it's a real pain when they bring it up almost every time I see them and won't leave it alone. What should I do?


livdea - May 8

don't tell anyone your name! I decided to only tell people who I don't know! Like people online or what not! Once you have baby surprise everyone with your name. Especially if you are planning on finding out the s_x...leave something a surprise! Everyone asks me what I'm going to name my little girl and I say that I either don't know or I"ve decided but I'm not telling. Some people get p__sed but whatever its your baby!! Stick to what you like. And to be honest, I thought I had my name picked out since I was a little girl...well it's changed about 6 times! I've been convinced that was THE NAME! and the further along I get I already can tell she's not a "this" or a "that" I've two months to go and I wouldn't be surprised if my name changed again! So my advice is don't tell anyone what names you pick out! Also, no one liked the names I picked out either..until they heard me say them a few times and then they were like "oh...well that's not so bad" they still don't know what I've setttled on though! Good luck!


frankschick2001 - May 9

What names did you pick?


mcatherine - May 9

I have found that people are more opinionated than I had given them credit for once we started thiking of names. When we said we were thinking of Catherine if it was a girl, my MIL even went so far to say that it was the kind of name that belonged to a snob, it was a horrible, horrible name and I just simply couldn't do that to her grandchild. Then I kindly reminded her it was my middle name, and my grandmother's name and politely asked her to back off. It didn't matter what name we picked - there was someone that didn't like it. My husband and I decided two things: This was our child and we would pick the names with no help and we would not reveal the name of our baby until he was born. If someone lacks enough tact to say something about a child's given name after they are alive, I'd say it speaks volumes about what kind of person they truly really are. In my opinion - If they ask, don't indulge them in conversations about it anymore - just tell them that they will have to wait and see, then smile and change the subject.....


Darknessangel87 - May 11

Thanks for the advice... I hope that'll help. I'm definitely going to try to keep it a secret for the rest of my pregnancy. Well, at least from people who know us. The names that we have picked out are Alexandria Rose and Damien Alexander. I find out next week, hopefully, the s_x of the baby. Thanks again for the advice.


Been There - May 11

No, don't discuss it with anyone. They'll just get on your nerves with their worthless and unwanted opinions. Just tell them the name when the baby arrives and then they won't have anything to say.


nursej - May 14

well, personally i would not care what other family members say just you and your husband, i personally have picked out baby names already as well but i don't know the s_x yet either. my names will be a combo of me and my husband's name.


nursej - May 15

also the names we've pickes out are jovin tyrell or jovinee bonita , once i know the s_x it will help though.



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