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KM - December 12

okay, my son is 3 wks old and the hospital started him on Enfamil formula, but after the first week home I switched him to goodstart because we get formula coupons for this brand from public health.Since i switched him he is having dark green bowel movements, which i have read is normal when using an iron fortified formula.When i told my doctor she said its a sign something is upsetting his stomach but not to worry about it unless he is colicky.He isn't colicky but sometimes at night after he eats is a bit fussy.I do however use ovol drops (totally recommend them).I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for this, is it normal and i should just forget about it, or should i think about switching formula if he doesnt stop having green bowel movements?


Christine - December 13

Both of my daughters were started on Enfamil...neither of them lasted on it...I ended up having to switch to Prosobe...horrible smelling stuff...anyways I wouldnt worry about the green bowel movements, but if he starts to spit up in large amounts...thats when the formula is not sitting with him daughters were spitters...Even with the prosobee....good luck...from what Ive heard goodstart is a great formula


KM - December 13

He spits up a tiny bit sometimes after eating, but i think its mostly when he doesnt burp well or if he eats too fast or too much.


Christine - December 13

Yeah thats nothing...and totally girls used to spit up a was horrible...I hope this one has a better'm going to try b___stfeeding...good luck...I'm sure all is fine


KM - December 13

thanks I would have tried b___stfeeding, thats what I had planned to do. but I had a bad labour and delivery and he wasnt in my room the first night, and I just didnt have the energy after everything I went through to give it a good effort. Also, I didnt eat at all like the first week or two after the birth so he wouldnt have got very good nutrition.I feel really bad about not doing it tho cause I wish I could have had the experience.


Christine - December 14

KM from what I understand you could actually try still...It takes quite a while for all of the milk to dry up in your once he attaches your milk glands will once again start producing...I think...I know I didnt try with both of my daughters...I thought it was weird to b___stfeed a little I am on my third little girl and I guess I have grown up a lot....anyways good luck and if your serious about b___stfeeding you should call the doc and ask..maybe its still possible.


kellie - December 14

I have a 4 week old that is on good start and i have the same things with her that you do but it is normal dont worry about it and the fussy after feeding in the evenings could be a tummy ache i use myclon drops for her and she is fine she is a happy baby and healthy i would not worry about it keep doing what you are doing and good luck


KM - December 14

I think my milk is dried up now pretty much.He is three and half wks old now so, I don't think I can.Thanks for all the advice girls :)


B++ - December 15

HI I think what has happened is you have changed foods and it could have upset his stomach but when i had my baby his bowel movement was all colours. dont worry keep an eye on him and see how he goes if you are still worried then see your doctor again. When a baby spits his food back up it can be were he has ate too much their stomach is so small but babies are really gready and dont know when to stop.


tiffani - December 15

Different colored bowel movements are pretty normal. My kids had green, brown, and yellow movements which my doctor said was completely normal. They were b___stfed for the first 3 months, then with I switched to formula. I tried all 3 major brands with each of them and we ended up on Good Start Supreme because it was the most gentle to their systems. (hardly ever had gas as they did on Enfamil and Similac) If a particular formula does not agree with your baby, he will throw it up. If you notice bright green in the vomit (which indicates stomach bile), call your doctor ASAP, but otherwise just entertain the fact that that particular formula doesn' agree with him and get a reccomendation from your pediatrician for another one.


KM - December 15

Thanks for all the advice. I'm going to see if I am able to get good start supreme because i heard it was better nutrition as well.He doesn't spit up much, and if he does it is usually when he has had too much to eat.He seems to be getting fussier and fussier everynight.I use the drops for colic, and he had a stuffy nose so I have been giving him saline drops,I thought he may have a cold but i check several times a day and no fever.


lizattwu - January 25

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