Baby S Daddy Denial Blues

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Natural - February 1

I been living with this guy for 5 yrs. now, and during the times we were together I have not bev able to get pregnant until last year in Aug. I had two misscarriages before I move in with hime and now four years later I got pregnant. He thinks it was impossible for me to have a baby. Now he saying its not his and I got myself pregnant by some other dude. He has told his family about my pregnancy, he doesn't want to feel the baby move, he doesn't want to have nothing to do with the baby unitl he gets a blood test. This pregnancy were ment to be after I suffer two loses. I cant take it anymore, he hurts my feelings. I am thinking about not letting hime into my baby's life once born. I just dont know what to do?


a - February 1

that is sad and im sorry to hear, but maybe, he is just afraid to get attached incase of another miscarrage or something goes wrong, i'm not saying forgive and forget but that is one possiblity, i hope that he reliazes the miracle that both of you have been given before it is too late. sorry if no help!!


r - February 1

I feel bad for you. I encourage you to surround yourself with people who support and love you. If he does not treat you well and is not going to own up to this being his child, then you might want to think about not being with him. If it is in fact his (confirmed by the blood test) he will have to pay child support. You have to ask yourself if he is worth it or not. If you think he is, then you might want to sit down and talk with him. If he doesn't want to talk, he won't be a good dad.


Sarah - February 2

I know almost how you feel. My husband got me pregnant, said I did it on purpose. They always say that. He hasn't told anyone and acts like it will be too much of a burden. He has a five yr old from a previous marrige. Why is my baby a burden but the last one he bucked up? The only family I have around here is his and I can't even share it with them. My family lives hours away. I feel lonely. If your man doesn't shape up by the time the baby is born, don't give him the opportunity to fix it. If he doesn't even want to take care of you, why would he want to take care of a baby?


Me - February 5

I feel blessed. Im 9 weeks pregnant and the babys father and I werent really together..I love him and he loves me but the timing wasnt right but this pregnancy kinda brought us together and he is totally happy and excited so just give him some time. Dont sweat it.


from DEE - February 6

Natural, it be alright like I was suffering too with my man of 3 years. But now, after arguing he always want to call me back apologizing for arguing with me and making me cry because I will scream at him for being mad at me with his own issues. But it will get better after while, just pray. IT WORKS, BELIEVE ME!!! But if u ever just want to chat email me or im if u have AOL, at [email protected] Good Luck!!


Ally - February 7

I am really sorry to hear that.I know what you are going through. When i told my boyfriend(ex-boyfriend now) that i might be pregnant, he told me that i wasn't and that if i was then we would fix it. He also laughed in my face and told me that i was just mad that i can't have him anymore.But i would tell him that if he thinks that the baby is not his then you will prove it to him and once you have proved it to him, then ask him what he wants to do. If he is going to help you raise the baby if he won't then tell him that your baby will know who he is and he will know who the baby is. If you would like to talk more then you can e-mail me at [email protected]



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