Baby S First Outfit

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B - May 11

What type of clothing do you take to the hospital for your newborn to wear and/or come home in? I heard that onesies are out until the umbilical cord falls off. So just T-shirts and pants?


Carol - May 11

Great question! I thought about a going home outfit, but not anything else. I had never heard about not wearing the onsies... Also, do I need to bring my own diapers? And if not, are they going to charge $300 for each diaper like they do tylenol?


Jen - May 11

I don't understand why a onesie would be out. Pants would be more abrasive to the umbilical cord if the band hit it, I would think. I brought my baby home in a little cotton one piece outfit. Good Luck with your little one


Jen - May 11

With my first I brought him home in a cute cozy sleeper I think Carters are some of the best. It's the baby's first time going out into the world you want him to be as comfortable as possible. I think diapers are included in the nursery costs. Not sure though.


Kelly B - May 11

I have a cute Sleeper and onesy, I am due August 7th, so if it is sweltering hot out, we'll do the onesy and if it's night time or cool we'll do the sleeper.


Misty to Carol - May 11

Noooooo-do not, I repeat, do not bring diapers. :-) The hospital suplies you with everything you need and you will need all the diapers you can get. If you run out of diapers while you are still there they will bring you a new stack of them which you can take home all that you don't use. Diapers are a precious commodity(sp) when you are talking newborns. If you have insurance I wouldn't even worry about if they are charging you or not. But if you don't call and find out. (just saw that part of your question) I did have insurance with my son and I stocked up on everything they would give me. :-)


chel - May 11

I've always brought mine home in the little sleeper gowns. They are great for newborns. Especially those late night diaper changes. The hospital will provide everything you need for baby while you are there.


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - May 11

I bought an adoralbe outfit (gender neutral) to bring all of my children home in. My son wore it home in June 2002 and I plan on this baby wearing it home October of 2005. It is a little denim (soft) jumper with a precious little white t-shirt underneath it. It is Tommy Hilfiger (not why I bought it) so it really cute and well made. It will last forever. As soon as we get home with baby we take it off, so it always looks brand new.



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