Baby S Gender

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Vicky - May 30

How soon can the baby's gender be determined?


jackie - May 30

usually around 20-22 weeks


Maleficent - February 27

with both my kids we found out at the 20 week U/S. i've still got 8 weeks before we can find out what this new little nugget is going to be...the waiting is killing me!


rawia - March 3

15 weeks


Sunitha Sureshchandran - March 4

In 12 weeks


rakhi - March 11

sunitha, what meth ods did you use to find it in 12 weeks.


Mindy - March 11

my best friend just found out 4 days ago...she's 12wks...IT"S A BOY plain as day...sonogram


JB - March 11

I had an ultra sound at 12 weeks. The nurse said it's normally 16-20 weeks. I found out at 17 weeks... It's a Boy.


ROSY - June 10



Wanda - June 10

I've heard you can figure out by your baby's heartbeat. Anyone knows?


Julz - June 10

Just something to concider.....I am the biggest advocate for not finding out. I was surprised with both of my children and I'm going to be surprised with this one......I've found that it helps with the pushing, because you want to know the gender so badly.....hahaha


monica - June 10

I heard/read after 20 weeks. I had an u/s at 12 weeks but they told me it was too soon to find out.


NickieDo - June 10

I found out at 17wks


Kimberly - August 11

5 weeks now normally 19 weeks


mechelle - August 12

i found out i was having a boy at 13 wks. the nurse that did our us said that there is no certain date on when the baby's genital area developes. it's not known as far as a set amt of wks. she said that they could develope it at 10 wks, it just all depends on what the tech or nurse can see at that time and how well the baby is cooperating as far as positioning. "they" just say that between 18 and 20 wks is the best time to find out.


MM - August 12

usually between 16 and 20 weeks. I found out at 18 wks


kris - August 12

Not to be a party pooper, but baby's genitals aren't formed at 10 weeks... and unis_x genitals are beginning to be present at 12 weeks, they modify and become either girl or boy later in the pregnancy. Anyone who found out at "10 or 12" weeks had dates wrong.I have had scans at 6,8,10,12, and 18 weeks due to placenta problems with this pregnancy and a subchorionic hemorrage that needed to be watched. Have seen little one many times. The 18 week scan was first time baby was old enough to offer a guess - wouldn't you know, legs crossed. (first baby 16 weeks, though) I go back next week (26 weeks) and hope to find out, because the wait is driving me nuts! :) Doing a search on fetal development will give you confirmed pattern of fetal development.



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