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Cindy - December 23

I don't want to sound stupid but this is my first pregnancy and I don't know. I'm 28 weeks pregnant and I had a baby shower where I got the most stunning gifts. My question is what do you need in your nursery for baby. Furniture, clothes (I don't know how many vests, bibs and etc you need) I feel like I'm clueless. I think the best way to find out is to ask someone with experience.


Becky - December 23

I am a first-timer, too, at 26 weeks, and I've learned A LOT from a book called Baby Bargains by Denise and Alan Fields. I got it used off shipping it was less than $6. It is full of info about everything baby will need until about age 2: quality, safety, price, recalls, etc. It is like Consumer Reports baby guide, only better. It tells you about what is out there, then make recommendations based on whether you want low-medium-high range stuff. It also gives you lists of what you'll need, and about what it will cost you. I strongly recommend you check out the reviews on this book, and order it ASAP! Once we started baby shopping, I was SO glad we had the guide........we already had in mind what brands of things to avoid or look for. One thing to keep in mind............few brands are "good" or "bad." It depends on what item you're looking at.....just because they don't recommend a certain brand's strollers, they might highly recommend their carseat, etc. We were clueless, too, until we read this book. It is GREAT! Hope this helps!


Been There - December 23

You absolutely DO NOT sound stupid. That is a very important question, right down to the q-tips and fingernail clippers. There are some must haves that you will need to consider. There are some things you may even like that others may not use. For instance, I have a hard and fast rule about cloth diapers, but I use them as burp clothes and to put over a person's clothes where my baby's face may be. I do not want my newborn's face touching someone's clothes, especially if they were outside. Try looking on different sites and in different baby books because there is a wealth of products out there. Other than the must haves on hand (diaper rash ointment, gentle or baby soap), there are other products that are nice to have. Read up, get a list of questions, and then ask if anyone has any ideas on specific items or less expensive items that work just as well. I can tell you instead of baby soap, I bought Neutrogena because it's gentle and not perfumy. Good luck.


Jbear - December 23

The more baby clothes you have, the less often you have to wash laundry. What you need will depend on the climate where you live and the season when your baby is born. Whatever the weather, plan on footed sleepers for the first few weeks...I had 10 and that seemed to be enough. You don't know how big your baby will be, so don't take the tags off the newborn stuff. That way if your baby is 10 lbs, you can exchange everything. My personal favorite are the infant gowns with the elastic at the bottom, because it's not fun trying to do up a million snaps in the middle of the night. Also the sleepers with zippers are great. Don't worry about stocking up on the bigger sizes yet, once your baby is born you'll love to shop for him and if everything's already bought it will spoil your fun. For furniture, you need a crib. A ba__sinette is optional, and so is a changing table. The ba__sinette will be outgrown by 3 months. I change diapers on the floor, because with a change table you end up changing diapers sideways. You need an infant carseat. A stroller is good too. Don't buy a highchair will be months before you need it. A swing is useful, but there are some babies who do not like them. If baby's not going to be sleeping in your room at first, you'll need a baby monitor. Do stock up on diapers...plan on using 10 a day at first. Diaper wipes, rash ointment, baby shampoo, lotion, baby nailclippers, a bulb syringe (get the one with the part that opens so you can rinse it), a thermometer (my doc said to use a rectal thermometer at first, not the ear one), a baby bathtub and some towels and washclothes, baby socks and a couple of hats. If you're going to b___stfeed, you'll need a nursing bra and pads for it. They make b___stfeeding pillows (the boppy) which are good if you're slender...I bought one and I was too fat to use it :-( If you're using formula, you'll need enough bottles for one day, a bottle brush and a rack for the dishwasher (that little thing with the compartments for the nipples). Not all bottles work for all babies, so it might be better to try one bottle first, then buy more if it works. I use Avent and I really like them. You'll need three or four sheets for the crib...cute ones are nice but you'll probably be washing sheets a lot until you get really good at diapering. You don't need a comforter for the crib, you can't use it until they're 1. A lot of people don't use bumper pads anymore. If your crib has a solid headbord and footboard (no bars), skip the bumper pads, there's no way to safely attach them. A cosy chair for feeding baby, and a small lamp for night feedings are useful.


Kristina - December 23

gripe water is good to have on hand =)


Lisastar9 - December 23

recieving blankets to wrap the newborn in cause they love to be snug and warm,some people buy a pacifier ,a dropper for salt water nose drops, gas pain drops for baby gas,infant tylenol on hand for fevers. diaper wipes,shampoo,,I use baby wash for the whole body from head to toe,enery bords for baby finger nails or baby nail clippers,a person like myself have used socks for mittens cause babies usually scratch there facesfrom long nails,. This is some ideas other people have given you for a start ,you can read about baby care in infant care for more ideas. Happy parenting if you have more questions just ask.. We will be glad to answer any more.


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - December 23

I loved the boppy pillow, even if you do not b___stfeed it still works great for bottle feeding and just to have around, my daughter is almost 8 months old and we still use it sometimes, I also like the diaper genie! Holds smells in like you wouldnt believe! I loved the gowns with elastic on the bottom. They are the best! Also some socks, hats, hand mitten things (so they dont scratch themselves) lots of diapers, wipes, shampoo, brush/comb, lotion, alcohol for the umbillical cord, I have a wipe warmer and love it, it made night time changings a breeze. In my nursery I have crib w/ bumper and sheet, ocean wonders aquarium thing, 2 night lights, baby monitor, glider w/ ottoman, dresser, book shelf with tons of books, we have been reading to her since she was about 2 weeks old everyday, lots of blankets (recieving, big comfy blankets) If your baby is born and its still cold outside, you might want to get one of those covers for the carseat, that way they wont get cold. I know I am rambling but I dont want to repeat what everone else has said. I agree with everyone else though!



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