Baby S Sex Heart Rate

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lilli - May 14

Everyone says I'm having a girl b/c the baby's heartrate is usually between 160-170. I wondered if this was true for any of you? What was your baby's heart rate/s_x???


Jessie - May 14

My babys heart rate was between 147 and 152, I am having a gril. Thats all BS, none of its ture its just for fun.


... - May 14

My baby's heartrate was always high, in the 170 range and my doctor even said she thought it was a girl..and it is!!!! (same with my first) So who knows...


Maddie - May 14

My baby's never got above 160...and I'm having a boy.


loni - May 15



nelly - May 15

my babys hb was 160 and they said girl but not 100% sure and last appt. the hb was 150 i will be having a u/s the 17 of this month and hopefully find out for sure im 30 weeks!!!


Christina - May 16

I am having a girl and hers is lower than that like 147-152 i don't think that really means anything just a wise tale kinda like how high or low you carry?? But it is fun to guess i sapose...


Tami - May 16

I've heard it doesn't mean anything, but it worked for me. My baby's heart rate was 163 and I am having a girl. Maybe there is some truth to it.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 16

It was right for me with my son and my daughter. This one has a higer hearbeat, another girl???? We'll see in November. For more fun Old Wives Tales, go to and click on boy or girl. :o)


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 16

That should read higher, not higer. :o)


joni - May 17

167 and it's a GIRL! so i guess it's true!


monica - May 17

my friend and I are pregnant. we both have the exact same heart beat per minute of 155. She is having a girl and I am having a boy.


loni - May 17

155 is kinda right in the middle, it could go either way


Jan - June 3

My babies heart rate was always high- 155 and it is a boy.


BBK - June 3

lilli heartrate says nothing about gender. Every single study ever done proved it wrong, but with odds as high as 50% people get carried away with these "predictions".


ADAM - July 15



Julz - July 15

I hate to be the rain on your parade, but my children are living proof that this is an old wives tale. When I was pregnant with my son the hear rate was always in the 170's, however when I was pregnant with my daughter, she never even got above 140. It's fun guessing though.



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