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heavenly - January 5

Hi Everyone, I am a first time Mom in my 5th month (19 weeks) of pregnancy. My sister is wanting to throw a baby shower for me but wants to do it in my 8th month. I know that usually I am to have no say in the shower because someone else is to plan it but I am worried I will be tired and irritable in my 8th month. I am already huge!! When is the best time in a pregnancy to have a baby shower???


Katharine - January 5

Mine were both in my 8th month. I was huge, but had a fun time. One of the games was to guess my girth-distance around, not weight, thank goodness!


E - January 5

I think it is better to do it earlier so you will have time to return the items you do not need and finish the room b4 the baby arrives. Who wants to do that stuff during the last weeks of pregnancy? Just be honest with her. Afterall, the shower is for YOU and is b/c you are having a baby. She should try to accomodate your needs, I think.


KM - January 5

definitely do it later in the pregnancy because it is meant to pamper and relax you and in the end is when you will need it most.Its alot more fun when your belly is huge too lol.It is more commonly done at the end of the pregnancy.I had mine in my 7th month, which was a good time I felt, it gave me time to finish the room without rushing and stressing, and to get out and get whatever I was missing for baby.


E - January 5

Yeah, I was thinking the 7th month like KM. I think the 8th month is kind of late. At least for my taste:)


Rainie - January 5

Well I am 9 months pregnant now (36.5wks) and mine is this weekend. I think it's better to wait because let me tell you what, now that I know I only have a couple weeks left it is ALL I think about and it's nice to have something else to look forward to besides just the birth, and it makes guessing how big the baby will be a lot easier for your guests. I will still have (maybe?) 3 weeks to do any returning of the gifts or finishing up the babies room. But then again I have wanted to save it for the end the whole time, so I guess if you feel like you want it sooner then thats what you should do right?



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