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???? - March 3

ok, here goes....i know my best friend is going to throw my baby shower, she doesn't have a lot of money cause she also has a child. she is going to be making the favors, i was thinking of buying an additional favor and buying the centerpieces for the table. i just want something that is going to stand out that everyone is going to remember. i am not going to let anyone besides my best friend know what i plan on doing. do you think this is wrong of me?


Allie - March 3

I think that is very considerate of you. It is your shower, and you should be able to give each of your guests a little gift. Present it to her that way, and I don't think she would be offended.


jessie - March 3

who cares if it is something everyone will remember? people will remember it b/c it was your baby shower. it doesn't have to be a fancy smancy baby shower with center pieces. this could offend your b/f. you should ask her first. although you may think of it as considerate, it may not come across that way, unless you ask first. sorry to sound upfront, but better from a stranger than your b/f.


Sm - March 4

I think if you make favors that would be nice and you could make the centerpieces as favors, they way at weddings afterwards some ppl take them home as favors. but if you let your friend know im sure she wouldnt find it offensive, but you should be appreciative of anything that she does plan for you regardless of how "cla__sy".


Lynn - March 4

I threw a baby shower for my best friend a few months ago (I am now an Auntie) and I have no extra money myself but I had so much fun planning it, buying the decorations, planning tha games, getting the prizes, ect. Let me tell you what helps...dollar stores (they have the best and cheapest party supplies and cute gifts) Ask your friend what you can do to help, or say that you want to help in the favors to further thank the guests for the gifts. She may feel that she wants to do it one her own as a gift to you because she knows you deserve a great shower (that's why I did it), I did it cheap and wonderful and everyone had the best time! Dollar stores! Good luck, congrats and have fun!



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