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elle - November 6

Hey everyone i'm due Feb 15th, I was planning on having my baby shower Nov 27th, anyone think thats too soon? whens everyone having theirs?


Tess - November 6

elle, thats about wouldnt wanna plan it around xmas time or whatever....the earlier the better...


jb - November 6

I am due in Feb too. Its a hard month. Because the few months before that you run into all the holidays and you dont really want to wait until Jan, b/c that will be too close to your due date. My first one is Dec 4th and the one from my work friends is Jan 7th.


elle - November 6

k thanks girls :)


pbj - November 6

I do find that most women wait until about a month before their due date. I just had mine last weekend and I'm due on the 21st. But Christmas time is definately a hard one.


heather - November 6

I am due Feb 5ht, I am having mine November 20th.


M.A. - November 6

My friend is due Feb.2nd, and hers was this weekend,Nov.5th. She's having another though by her family. But I don't know when it is.


Nicole - November 13

I am due March 15 and My hubbys mom is throwing mine for nov 26 because we are from MI and we Live in KY because he is in the army and i do not want to travel after Christmas because of the weather!!!!!


Beth S - November 13

no i dont think so at all. my mom planned mine for 2 weeks before my due date and i ended up having him a month early so he came with me to the shower lol


Annette - November 13

I am due Feb 18 and I am having my baby shower december 10th. Apparently it is acceptable to throw them any time after the 7th month started, and in our case, the sooner the better, before people start stressing about holidays (or even worse, they are already short of money to buy our presents!)


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 14

I was due Aug 11th and had my shower June 5. Last year my friend was due in early Feb and had shower Dec. 12 or so to avoid holidays


Emy - November 14

I am the same as Annette. Due on Feb 10th and having mine the weekend before x-mas. Most people are happy to have it then and to get it out of the way...


Kendra - November 14

Due Feb. 2nd...shower Dec. 3rd.


Bianca J - November 18

....uhm i dk, it sounds too soon, if you wanna make things excited i would wait till about 2 or a week from your due date , just to make things more excited to see all your babies new belongings....but in due in a little under 3 weeks. I dont know what to do about my baby shower to have it before or after? any one?



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