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kehaulani - June 5

i'm having a girl and in a little over a month i'm having a baby shower! i still haven't decided on a theme yet, i never thought picking a theme would be so hard! I'm also trying to figure out the party favors and decorations, does anyone have any open ideas or suggestions? PLEASE HELP (:


mjvdec01 - June 6

Is someone else holding the shower for you?? Usually the host takes care of those details. You don't really need a theme, that kind of takes care of itself. Your having a baby girl, so there you go... lots of pink frilly baby girly stuff. You could have a bakery do a really feminine pale pink cake. Just go to your local party store and check out the baby shower isle, that should jumpstart the brainstorming. One of the games everyone at my first shower enjoyed was the melted chocolate bars in the newborn diapers. You buy 8 or 10 different chocolate bars, melt them in a dish in the microwave and then pour a different melted bar into each of the diapers. Everyone has to look and or smell each of the diapers and write down what candy bar they think it is. It is funny and gross at the same time. When is your due date? I am due on the 24th of july, and my shower is on the 21st of this month. We are having a boy this time, our daughter is 28 months old.


cakegirl - June 7

I knew I was having a girl, so the baby shower was just really pink. I don't know about "theme", like it wasn't like "teddies" or "bunnies" or whatever... It was just REALLY PINK. MIL made a mud cake and iced it in pink. I made cupcakes and iced them in pink. There was a watermelon punch, pink marshmallows for the chocolate fondue, etc.


kehaulani - June 11

Mjvdec01- i'm due on the 29th of August. I'm helping my mom plan it so that way I can do the decorations I wanna do and make things the way I wanna make it b/c no offense but she has old fashion tastem lol, so she's sticking to the cooking, what she does best (: I didn't really want a lot of pink b/c I didn't wanna overdo it so I ordered a bunch of cute stuff from and when that comes I'll just kinda play around w/everything from there! I read about the melted chocolate in diapers and I've been thinking about doing that as well, hehe..well thanks for your suggestion and congrats on your baby boy (:



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