Baby Shower For Unweb Women

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advice please - August 30

Hi, I want to give my sister in law a baby shower but my husband feels like she shouldn't have one. Just because she is not married and past life choices she made. She is pregnant by a married man. I feel like a baby coming should be celebrated. He feel like there is not reason to celebrate a married man's baby and his sister stood be a shame of herself. He come from a very religious family. I know what she did is a sin but should she and the baby be punished for her mistakes. Do you think I should just drop the Baby Shower Idea?


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 30

I think no matter what the situation, she is going to need things to take care of the baby. The baby has done nothing wrong. I think no matter how the baby comes into the world or how it was concieved it should be celebrated. I think you should go ahead with the shower. He does not have to attend. If you do not throw a shower, maybe just send out a card to everyone explaining that you were not able to throw it but she still needs whatever it is she needs. (is this his sister?) Once he sees the baby he will be very happy! Good luck


Shelly - August 30

I agree with Stephanie and think its a great idea to do the babyshower.We all know how hard it was/is to be pregnant and its already hard enough for her to be preggo by a married man,she will live with the consequences of her actions but i dont think anybody-especially her family- should make it harder on her.So go ahead and do it.


WTF? - August 30

Yes, I would throw her a shower and I would make sure to invite the wife & family of the man who got her pregnant. Party on!


advice please - August 30

Yes this is my husband's sister. Thanks for your comments. I will sent her a card and gift for the baby. It would be best for all that is concern not to have the shower at my home. My husband is very disappointed in her but will love his niece regardless. I can understand his argument about the shower but I will try to support her in other ways.


Lena - August 31

Can you contact one of her friends and arrange to co-host a party with one of her friends at her friend's house, your SIL house, or a restaurant? What does your MIL think about the shower? Babies need a lot of things and friends really want to help out, regardless of the father's maritial status.


Ranya - August 31

I agree with Lena, can you host it somewhere other than your house, maybe your dh won't feel as much against it. Invite only her friends and relatives who know and are not being judgemental of the situation. All babies are innocent :)


Narcissus - August 31

I would not throw a shower for a pregnancy resulting from an affair any more than II would throw a shower for a pregnant rape victim. I don't think this is a matter of punishing the mother or the baby but, there is a time and place for everything. I think this boils down to a matter of good taste vs bad taste. I think that throwing a shower for a baby that is the result of an affair is in poor taste. I will bet that the mother to be does not want a shower due to the circ_mstances under which she fell pregnant.


Narcissus - August 31

I forgot to add that I would still buy her gifts and try to arrange for her to recieve baby items without creating an air of celebration.


J - August 31

I don't think she should have a shower either.


Joann - August 31

Who cares how the baby got here, throw the shower. Don't invite those who find it in poor taste. It is probably best to arrange it with one of her friends, so that family members who find it disagreeable won't put ou in the middle. I would be thrilled to have SIL like you, who is obviously not judging her but is being supportive in a tough situation. Kudos to you!


Joann - August 31

BTW pregnancy resulting from an affair can hardly be compared to a brutal s_xual a__sault.


Narcissus - August 31

It was my OPINION, Joann. People will do what they feel is right. As far as not being judged, LMAO. I think the word "sin" was used in the original post????


Tammy - August 31

I understand how your husband feel, but babies are to be celebrated. She will need things for the baby regardless how this baby was conceived. Go ahead and plan something. Talk to your mil and see how she feels. Celebrating a baby makes people feel happy. They will be thrilled when baby makes his or her appearance.


Joann - August 31

Then you will understand that in my OPINION your a__sertation is ridiculous and stupid.



Maybe have one arranged with her office friends if she works or in someone's home. Invite those who are not judgemental and then surprise her. Period.


advice please/keekee - August 31

Wow, I didn't think there would be such a disagreement about the shower question. Thanks for your advice and comments. I am not in support of a woman getting pregnant by a married man. I can't imagine being his wife. His wife don't know she is pregnant but we all know secrets have a way of coming out. Right now i am thinking about the innocence child in all this drama. I decided not to give her a shower. If she was my sister I would give her a shower regardless but she is Dh sister. I will respect his feelings. I don't think he is being judgmental. He is very sadden by his sister's choices. So I doubt she will get a baby shower by family. Hopefully her friends will give her one. I will get her a gift.....Hugs!!!!!



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