Baby Shower Ideas

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Gayle - June 30

any really unique ideas or themes? I don't like to tell the folks what type of gifts to bring (like time of day, reading, etc.) but it has been a very long time since I've been to any baby showers....


bump - June 30



Eryn - June 30

I had a picnic theme for my shower. They held it outside and served picnic food and wine. The winners of the baby games received picnic baskets and there was even fake ants placed around the food. It was really cute.


Chris - June 30

Not a theme -- but -- my friend had a cover charge (listed in invitation) Had to bring a bag of diapers to get in the door. Thought that was sort of fun.


littlemrsb - July 1

I think the diaper idea is fun if you don't make it mandatory, but just give away a door prize to anyone who brings a bag. I know I am poor and if I had to bring a bag of diapers, I couldn't afford a gift. I think co-ed party's are a good idea if you partner is really excited about the baby too and you have a lot of couple friends. Here's a web site with some ideas: Good luck!!!


jo - November 4

I am planning a coed shower right now. This way dad can help open gifts and it is much more relaxed.


Dustie - November 4

We are having a coed shower also, y dh's family is giving it and we are inviting all of our friends. It should he fun! They gave us a coed wedding shower too.


Tess - November 4

Have a diaper baby shower instead of stuff for the baby (ie. baby clothes, feeding bottles etc.) We all know that diapers are expensive so its better to stock up while you can. :)


M.A. - November 4

That's true. At my last shower, I got lots of diapers, and even diapers after, from people my mom knew. I also got lots of clothes. But after the baby was born I wound up using all of the diapers, and giving alot of the clothes away, because there were so many, that I couldn't keep up with them. Either the weather changed, or the baby grew out of them before she got to wear them. So I think some sort of diaper theme is good. I don't really appreciate the one where you HAVE to bring diapers, or not get in. That seems un-appreciative. But to give a door prize for everyone who brings diapers OR wipes is great. Another thing I found helpful to go with diapers is what I call poopy bags. They're small, thin bags used especially to put the poop diapers in, and throw in the diaper pail.So they don't stink as bad.


M.A. - November 5

You could have door prizes for everyone who wears the color you're having.(BLUE:BOY,PINK:GIRL) You could either choose to tell them the s_x, and see how many wear that color. Or not tell them the s_x, and have them guess which color to wear. I think it would be cute for everyone to be either wearing pink or blue all over the room.


klmr - November 5

I went to an adorable shower last year. It eas set up like an English Tea Party. Everyone wore dresses & hats. Really fun!


Lisa - November 5

My girlfriend is having me a wine and cheese party..I'll have my one gla__s of wine then watch the other girls have some fun; but I get eat the cheese! Yummy, love cheese. We are having it at my apartment as I have the biggest one and I have a fireplace; so she is going to do all the decorating and light a fire. Should be really nice and cla__sy and everyone is dressing up. I'll get the girly shower when I go home and my Mom has one for me...


HH - November 5

I always wanted to make everyone dress like babies or fairy tale characters!



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