Baby Shower Ideas

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Kami - May 3

I'm throwing a couple of my friends a double shower b/c they are both due within a week or two. anywho! i've never actually thrown one so i was wonderin' if you guys could give me some cute ideas i may not think of on my own! thanx so much!!!


Maleficent - May 3

have guests write a little note to the baby or a little new mom advice on an index card for the mom's to be.


jena - May 3

i've been to a few where they had everyone write down their favorite children's book and said to read to the baby before it is born.


Jenb - May 3

Tell each guest to bring an unwrapped piece of clothing and hang them on a clothesline that you strung on the wall. Ask for different sizes so she doesn't end up with a ton of newborn clothes that most babies wear for a very short time. My little bundle never fit into nb clothes. I read this somewhere. It was a great idea.


kiki - May 3

you could have a contest to see who can 'chug' like 2-3 oz. out of a baby bottle the quickest! its a laugh!


brenda - May 3

i went to my friends baby shower and where the host pa__sed around a roll of toilet paper to see who can get the closest size of the mom-to-be belly size. we had to cut out the piece and we couldn't cut it or get another piece. then she had everyone come and measure their individual piece on the mom-to-be it was really fun to see my husband measuring my friends belly.


kami - May 5

thanx for the cute ideas! any others???


Lynn - May 5

I went to one where everyone was given about 5 clothespins. Youweren't allowed to say "baby" or the baby's name (which was Dalton). Everytime you heard someone say either of those, you could take a clothespin from them. At the end of the party, the person with the most clothespins won a little prize. It was really fun trying to "catch" people!


Mindy - May 5

you can get a bag of rice put about 100 safety pins in them put it in a bowl sit one guest at a time in a chair blind fold them and give them a minute to get as many safety pins as possible out...the person at the end of the game gets a prize...don't forget to get baby prizes for the guest with the games they are supposed to go back to mommy at the end of the shower.


Fabienne - May 5

I had mine a few days ago - we did a great game: prepare several playdo b___s (one for each guest) the size of a golf ball and give them - say 4 minutes - to make a baby out of it ! You should have seen the results ! Some were really good - others were so funny ! We had a good laugh. Oh - the mother-to-be gets to be the final judge ! Have fun !!


Karen - May 5

I heard of one this past weekend that had a Stripper. How bout that for a baby shower !!!! LOL


Jessie - May 5

Well that would make up for my lame bridal shower. I am good for that!!!!


toes - May 5

I'm not sure who has one of these near you, but we had my wife's shower at an Olde Country Buffet. It was really nice, everyone got whatever they wanted to eat and whenever they wanted it, no cleanup. The bridal shower was held at my MIL's house with probably half as many people, yet it cost her twice as much as she paid at Old Country Buffet. I know yer looking for cute ideas, but I'm a fella and I tend to boil things down to the basics. :)


Jane - May 5

You could play some games like measure the tummy have people guess how many inches or put m&ms in a baby bottle and have people guess how many are inside. You could get a plaster tummy cast kit and have everyone do that to her. You couldn't do that at old country buffet cause she has to be naked to do it. My friend did one of those at her shower and people really liked it.


mimi - May 5

i like the idea of making some kind of matte that everyone can write a note to the baby on. that would be a great keepsake!


Happy - May 5

I was telling someone else about this... You should check into getting a event planner to help you out. they are not that much money and the stress would be off you. Let me know where you are located and I will see if you are in the area of the one I used for my sister. Good Luck


MD - May 6

Hi Kami...I helped plan my sister's baby shower back in December...and I came up with most of the games we played. A couple of them were 'paper' games, meaning you played them on paper. One game that we played (that everyone liked) was Guess the Food (there is another variation that would be fun too). If you want more info. I can e-mail it to you, if you give me your e-mail address. Mine is I have doc_ment files for the 'paper' games I created as well, if you'd like those for ideas. Let me know if you want some ideas - I LOVE giving ideas for parties/showers!! Good luck if I don't hear from you!



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