Baby Shower Ideas Anyone

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Mom2B - May 31

Having a boy in November and planning to have a baby shower in late September. Can anyone help me with some ideas--games, things to do...etc. By the way, is it OK to have men join in , too? I really don't know any rules :(. HELP!!!


Christina - May 31

I am having a shower next weekend and I am due in August. Some of the games we are doing are....having the guests write down something that has to do with a baby for every letter in the alphabet and whoever has the most words in two minutes, wins. Also, we are going to have 10 jars of baby food, take lables off (mark the bottoms with numbers and write down what they are) have the guest guess what the flavors are, you can do this by tasting or just sight. Whoever guesses the most correctly, wins. It is totally fine to make it a couple baby shower with men included. You can do whatever you want, it's your shower. I have been to a few showers like that.


klm - May 31

My advice is have the shower as early as possible! I was supposed to be going to a shower this weekend for a baby due July 10th. Well, guess what? She went into labor today! Poor thing, they think the baby will be OK though!!! All the showers I have been to lately have been both women & men, it is absolutely hilarious to see the men play the games!!! The best one was when they blindfolded the men and had them dress a baby doll, I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard!!! They also did one where they had the men drink a beer from a baby bottle (I don't know how you feel about alcohol, but it was entertaining!)


Mom2B - May 31

Wow. Thank you for your great ideas...they're all good!!! Can't wait!


karagayle - May 31

I am having a luau co ed baby shower and we are having babydolls on surfboards (small ones) as the table toppers and everyone gets "lay-ed" when they come in and we are eating baby corn and baby carrots and babysausages on pineapple shishkabobbs and so on and so forth we are also having a guess the time and day pot...where you put your name on a time and day on this board wiht squares and throw in 5 dollars and who ever gets closer wins the pot ( they usually give it as a baby gift as well ) my baby boy is due sept 4 (labor day weekend) (ha ha ) and my shower is next week.


Katharine - June 1

My friend did a fun one for me and my husband. While we opened gifts, she wrote down all the comments we made like, "Wow", "I love it", "This is exactly what I need", etc. Afterwards, she announced that these were the statements I had made during conception and read back all the comments. Everyone had a riotous laugh! Also, she wrote down his comments and they were supposed to be his comments when I told him I was pregnant, I think, e.g. "ohhhh...", "that's nice".


Fiona - June 1

teeheee funny!!!!!!!


Alexis - June 1

I have been to alot of babyshowers because of my husbands large family. The games I have enjoyed best are: you get about six diapers, you can get them at the dollar store and you buy some chocolates melt each one in a different diaper and number them and so they have to guess what chocolate is in each diaper. It's fun because it looks like poo and so some people are grossed out and some are even tasting the chocolates. It's fun. Also what's in your purse, it's a random list of things and you just see if your guest have it in their purse. You'll be surprised at what some people have in there. You award 1 point for each item and you award 5 points for something random like a condom or birthcontrol or whatever you can think of. The one with the most points at the end gets a prize.


Heather - June 1

My shower is this weekend and we are doing "How well do you know the mother and father to be", and while I open gifts we will have a cooking timer and set it to 8 min. and who evers gift at that time i am opening up wins all the way till the gifts are gone.



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