Baby Shower Suggestions

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almost there... - April 8

I'm due in less than 4 weeks and my mum (i'm aussie) has talked me into having a baby shower. i've never been to one, so i'm not sure what we are meant to do? does anyone have any suggestions, advice or stories to share??


aussiegal - April 8

good to see another aussie on here finally!!!! my sister is organising my baby shower for the end of june and shes preparing for it now! its basically just a good excuse to catch up with friends, sit around, eat, drink and play a few games - generally just have a bit of fun....well thats what mine is gonna be! just think a hens night but subst_tuting the male strippers for bottles, dummies and all things baby!! then again a male stripper wouldnt go astray either-could make the afternoon very interesting!!! lol!!! have fun and good luck!


aussiegal - April 9

almost due 4 aug. and by the way youd be suprised what the oldies think about the mum, aunty and mum in law all went off at my hens night esp. with the strippers!!! the oldies are the worst ones i reckon!!! lol!! but champagne and nibblies and heaps of girlie talk and gossip is a good thing to!!! hope this helps a little!! have fun with whatever you decide to do!! BTW...when are you due???


almost there... - April 9

i'm due on may 5th. i think my grandma would fall on the floor if some hot young man took his undies off!! lol i'm in melbourne, u?


sheryl (AUS) - April 9

your guests drink lots of champagne, while you watch them. You play games like pin the dummy on the baby. Another one is see how many baby clothes you can hang on a clothes line while talking on a phone and holding a fake baby in 30 seconds. You can make a baby crossword to see who can finish it 1st and each game has a prize.


aussiegal - April 10

im in brisbane! and dont under estimate your grandma about falling on the would probably be the heart starter shes been needing in years!! lol!! so is this your 1st almost there??? do you know what your having or keeping it a suprise?? where in melbourne are you?? i got rellies down that way....


almost there... - April 10

its our first, bit of a surprise as we were planning to get married on the due date! oops! having a girl, and very excited. i'm in the city, unfortunately, but moving to somewhere with a yard in the next few years so bubba can play. i mentioned to my mum bout the stripper, so we'll see...



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